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The launch of Rebuilding Lives


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Anil Ranchod, deputy director public relations and comms - media and special projects, Stroke Association

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The launch of Rebuilding Lives

  1. 1. Rebuilding Lives after stroke Anil Ranchod 4 July 2019
  2. 2. Campaign overview • Brand refresh launched alongside new Corporate Strategy • Aims and goals • Opportunity to launch the charity’s first- ever TV advert to engage key audiences Rebuilding Lives After Stroke
  3. 3. • When (did we start) • Why (then) • What (did we include/cover) • Who (was involved) and • How (did we bring it altogether) Rebuilding Lives After Stroke Planning
  4. 4. • New values and priorities • Approach and proposals led by definitions of success • Resources and collateral • Challenges Rebuilding Lives After Stroke PR and Comms
  5. 5. • Reactions video (Tues) • TV news exclusives (Fri) • High Profile Supporters on social and print case study features (Sat/Sun) • News story across all channels (Mon) • Radio day and OpEd (Tues) Rebuilding Lives After Stroke Launch Plans and Delivery
  6. 6. • KPIs for coverage but impact low • Social assets delivered great engagement • HPS social media support smashed records • Case studies • HPS features and interviews landed well • OpEd useful for positioning • Internal comms and staff engagement Rebuilding Lives After Stroke Outcomes and Impact
  7. 7. • Weekend features need longer notice • Celebs do add value • Case studies • Regions and nations • New assets for social • Bring in the experts • Internal Comms Rebuilding Lives After Stroke Learning
  8. 8. Rebuilding Lives After Stroke Coverage results Friday • Sky News 06:30 (6mins) • Sky News 12:30 (8mins) • Channel 5 top story at 18:30 (7mins) Monday • BBC Breakfast 07.40 (10mins) • BBC Radio Asian Network 11:54 (5mins) Features • Metro, The Guardian, The Sun • Regional and Nations TV, Radio, Print, Online Over 280 pieces of coverage in total
  9. 9. Rebuilding Lives After Stroke Social media – Twitter Friday 26 Apr Weekend 27/8 Apr Monday 29 Apr Beyond - Documentaries, Michael Johnson, news story Potential Reach Responses Clicks RT’s 971,293 537 1,172 491 Potential Reach Responses Clicks RT’s 200,574 70 1,172 69 Potential Reach Responses Clicks RT’s 182,108 45 158 42
  10. 10. Rebuilding Lives After Stroke Social media – Instagram Beyond – GIPHY Stickers, Infographics Friday 26 Apr Weekend 27/8 Apr Monday 29 Apr
  11. 11. I love the fact that it features stroke survivors of different ages and that they are describing their personal experience of having a stroke. It’s also nice to be able to read more about their story from other material available. Rebuilding Lives After Stroke Feedback Your TV ad was your best campaign yet… For some reason, stroke still has a stigma that it only affects old people... But we know first-hand how wrong that is. We just need to get the word out there along with the tell tale signs. On the stroke unit today, both stroke consultants commented that they had seen the adverts and both felt they were ageist, as there were no old people, as they felt the majority of strokes do affect older people. I don't think your awareness campaign is hard-hitting enough to achieve help, donations or full understanding. It doesn't get the message across how permanently life-changing it can be or long lasting effects. Your advert doesn't show stroke survivors whose lives have been changed forever.
  12. 12. • Launch in October • News story • PR Stunt • Social media engagement activity • OpEd and blog • Luck – lots of it Rebuilding Lives After Stroke Next phase
  13. 13. Rebuilding Lives After Stroke Thank you. Questions.
  14. 14. Rebuilding lives after stroke @TheStrokeAssoc @ARanchod
  15. 15. PR Network 4 July 2019 London #CharityPR Three. Two. One. Lift off – that launch moment
  16. 16. Visit the CharityComms website to view slides from past events, see what events we have coming up and to check out what else we do: