The busy person’s guide to social media


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Sarah Jackson, Womankind Worldwide
Communications on a shoestring conference

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  • Introductory slide: introducing yourself and your presentation title!Purple side-bar should be r97, g42, b138Font should be Arial and Purple or BlackFull logo to be used on slides without their own titles eg. Screensaver slide and Introductory slide
  • Introducing Womankind: How we Work 1
  • Introducing Womankind: What we’ve achieved
  • Template for your own contentAim for no more than 3 points per slide. As few words as possibleIf used, images should be big enough to fill 33% of the slide, and should either be placed flush against the sidebar eg, or have equal amounts of white space around (Eg. New Countries slide)If more than one image is used they should be presented at the same size and should have captions if there is no accompanying text.
  • The busy person’s guide to social media

    1. 1. Communicationson a Shoestring Conference 27 June, 2012, London #shoestringcomms
    2. 2. The Busy Person’s Guide to Social MediaSarah JacksonCommunications and New Media Managerat Womankind Worldwide
    3. 3. Womankind Worldwide works inpartnership with women’s rightsorganisations in Africa, Asia andLatin America to help womentransform their
    4. 4. Getting startedWHY? Why social media? Will it help you meet your communications objectives?WHAT? What do you want to achieve? What do you need to measure?WHO? Who do you need to reach to achieve it? What is your target audience?HOW? How will you do it? What do you need?
    5. 5. How?• Find your niche• What will your tone of voice be?• Will you create or curate content?• How will you provide value? VALUE TRUST SUPPORT
    6. 6. Where?• Social networks and social media• Who uses what • By age • By gender • By ethnic group?• Be selective
    7. 7. Where can you find content?How do you choose what toshare?
    8. 8. Where can you findcontent?• Your website• News• Twitter and Facebook• Other organisations• Colleagues• Supporters• Beneficiaries
    9. 9. What to share• Relevant topical, timely• Interesting unusual, useful, moving• Appropriate credible, correct, in line with your aims and approach
    10. 10. Listening• Notifications• Alerts and searches• Twitter Lists• What are other charities doing?• ‘Drop in’ and look for opportunities
    11. 11. Talking• Prepare n share updates• Look chatty• The Golden Rule• The other Golden Rule
    12. 12. Learning and improving• Social media metrics• Google Analytics social• Stay up to date• Experiment!
    13. 13. Lead the way• Explore, establish and share• Find your allies• Explain (be honest!)• Create some buzz• Dont force people, show how social media can help them
    14. 14. Resources• Best social media infographics 2012• Great social media marketing advice from Smart Insights• Socialbrite advice and resources list on social media metrics• Wise words on handling a social media crisis