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Supporting people with lived experience to tell their own stories | The power of human stories conference | 28 February 2019


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Jude Habib, founder, sounddelivery and Darren Murinas, chief executive , Expert Citizens CIC

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Supporting people with lived experience to tell their own stories | The power of human stories conference | 28 February 2019

  1. 1. Supporting people with lived experience to tell their own stories. Jude Habib, Director sounddelivery @judehabib @sounddelivery Darren Murinas, Director Expert Citizens CIC @darrenmurinas @ExpertCitizens
  2. 2. • 15 years at the BBC developing multiplatform social action campaigns • sounddelivery set up to support charities to be more confident in telling their stories to challenge perceptions, tackle stigma, to engage audiences, raise awareness and funds. • Amplifying the voices of people with lived experience of a wide range of issues. • Buiding their confidence to tell their stories in their own ways and own words. • Engaging with media/journalists or at commissioner level to address systems. • Youth homelessness, poverty, domestic violence, cancer, criminal justice system, addiction. • What do we need to be braver at putting lived experience at the centre of our work Our Backgrounds - Why We Do What We Do?
  3. 3. Expert Citizens was established in 2013 as a group of volunteers to help support a partnership bid in Stoke-on-Trent to the National Lottery Community Fund. This was to set up the Fulfilling Lives programme, this is now known as VOICES, Voices of Independence, Change & Empowerment in Stoke-on-Trent. In 2016 Expert Citizens became a community interest company ran by and for people with lived experience of some of the biggest social injustices of our times – homelessness, addiction, mental ill health, criminal justice, domestic violence, abuse and poverty. By sharing our own lived experience and insight we hope to make all services and organisations more accessible to people who have been effected by these issues. We offer a wide range of products and services to unlock the INSIGHT in your communities: Peer Led Research, Service Evaluation, Consultation, Lead facilitators in coproduction methods Our Backgrounds - Why We Do What We Do
  4. 4. SESSION OVERVIEW • What is lived experience – don’t we all have it? • Explore different storytelling techniques and best practice involving lived experience • Barriers and Solutions Gatekeeping V Safeguarding • Share our own experiences/projects/insights • Next Steps
  5. 5. Who is in the room?
  6. 6. An Untold Story
  7. 7. Our Stories Need to Stop People In their Tracks
  8. 8. Movement to incorporating Lived Experience with Charities
  9. 9. Lived Experience Storytellers
  10. 10. New breed of reporters with lived experiences of the issues they are reporting on
  11. 11. When was the last time you encouraged someone you support to tell their story? Or were you asked to share your experiences?
  12. 12. What challenges/barriers are you currently facing in telling your organisations stories?
  13. 13. Mental Health Orgs / Health charities – What can we learn from them?
  14. 14. Provide skills-based training
  15. 15. • Inviting people to tell their stories (Crowdsourcing content) • Inviting people to get involved in campaigns • Providing guides/tips and help online • Training • Managing expectations • Recognition – Media Awards
  16. 16. Personal Contact and Building Relationships
  17. 17. Consent and Systems
  18. 18. Little Village Collaboration and Co-Curation key
  19. 19. Easy Access, Low Cost Free Tools
  20. 20. Consent
  21. 21. • Volunteer within the organisations that have supported • Gone on to further media opportunities • Spoken publicly • Become peer researchers • Spoken in House of Commons/Lords • Supporting/advocating for other families • Gone on to employment where their lived experience is an asset. • Trustees on charity/funder boards
  22. 22. Forum Theatre Arts Council – Forum Theatre Used to tell real stories and take them to different audiences within our community to challenge and bust the ‘lifestyle choice’ myth that people are choosing to live on the streets.
  23. 23. Things to consider • Not everyone is at the right stage to tell their story • Building confidence – starting point • Really listen to what they have to say. Be guided by their insights but be guided by your instincts. • Gatekeeping V Safeguarding • Collaboration / co curation is key • Accessibility – low cost tools, jargon free / How to guides • Connect them with local MPs, counsellors and journalists in an informal environment • Consent - ongoing • Mentoring/Ongoing Support - (whatsapp groups) Build into budget
  24. 24. In groups of 3-4 think about how you are going to explore how you can incorporate lived experience storytelling in your work.
  25. 25. Lets Make Things Happen! Thanks for listening and keep in touch! @sounddelivery @expertcitizens Share your tips on #charitystories
  26. 26. The power of human stories: how to be an authentic storyteller 28 February 2019 London #CharityStories
  27. 27. Visit the CharityComms website to view slides from past events, see what events we have coming up and to check out what else we do: