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Creating brand ambassadors


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Rachel Bhageerutty, Stroke Association
Building your brand from the inside out seminar

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Creating brand ambassadors

  1. 1. CreatingbrandambassadorsEngaging staff in your brandDecember 2012Stroke Helpline 0303 3033
  2. 2. HelloRachel BhageeruttyHead of Brand & Internal CommsStroke Helpline 0303 3033
  3. 3. Stroke Association Life after stroke services Helpline Website 36K 18K 700K Volunteers Support group Staff 8k 10K 750Stroke Helpline 0303 3033
  4. 4. Since rebranding Campaign of the week 9Stroke Helpline 0303 3033
  5. 5. We’re going to cover•Your staff are your audience•Success factors•Examples of what we’ve done•What’s next for us•QuestionsStroke Helpline 0303 3033
  6. 6. Brilliant brands…… are all aboutpeople withpassionStroke Helpline 0303 3033
  7. 7. Staff are people too! Motivation:• Your staff group comprises segmentable audiences inspiring a• Create a sense of belonging person to take• A clear line of sight between action because person and purpose s/he wants to.• Authenticity & proof pointsStroke Helpline 0303 3033
  8. 8. Staff as audience •Usual rules apply •Market research •Find out where your people are on engagement spectrum •Online survey •Where do we want to get to…..?Stroke Helpline 0303 3033
  9. 9. For Stroke Association… we want ourpeople to tell thestroke story withpride.Stroke Helpline 0303 3033
  10. 10. Be emotional• Context & sense-making• Articulate your beliefs• State what’s wrong with the world that you (and only you) can change• Authentic key messages• Root everything in your valuesStroke Helpline 0303 3033
  11. 11. Beliefs & key phrases Example Stroke is one of the UK’s biggest killers and the leading cause of disability. Far too many people don’t understand stroke or think it’ll ever happen to them. Stroke is one of the greatest health challenges we face today. We believe in life We need to change after stroke the way we think about stroke We change the world Stroke is preventable, for people affected by Stroke is the killer treatable and people stroke disease we’ve recover. ignored for too long.Stroke Helpline 0303 3033
  12. 12. Show don’t tell• Staff insight identified our values• Values form thematic dialogue• Successes as proof points• Value-related ‘thanks’ & recognition• CEO very good at relating actions to values (joining the dots)Stroke Helpline 0303 3033
  13. 13. Your top team• Your most influential communication channel• If they don’t exemplify the brand, why should anyone else?• Brand as part of strategic narrative & context• VisibilityStroke Helpline 0303 3033
  14. 14. No more brand police!• Brand champions• A development opportunity• For specific areas & general• Responsibility & sign off• Brand as springboard not strait jacket• Annual brand auditStroke Helpline 0303 3033
  15. 15. Be a conduit• Be social• Enable your people to tell the story in their own words• Provide a platform• I make a difference• Make the brand their ownStroke Helpline 0303 3033
  16. 16. Action on Stroke Month• Localised• Customised• People-powered• Belonging• Shared purpose & focusStroke Helpline 0303 3033
  17. 17. What worked well • Regional staff conferences • Directors’ road shows • Dragons’ Challenge • Pub conversations • Action on stroke month • Staff engagement workshops for fundraisersStroke Helpline 0303 3033
  18. 18. What’s next?• More integration with HR & training - induction - objectives & appraisals• Capacity building with brand champs• Donor thank you day• Assess commitment between cause & organisationStroke Helpline 0303 3033