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Recording and editing audio on a budget


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Kellie Smith, Contact the Elderly
Communications on a shoestring conference

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Recording and editing audio on a budget

  1. 1. Recording & editing audio on a budget Presentation by: Kellie Smith, Communications Officer, Contact the Elderly
  2. 2. Contact the Elderly tea parties
  3. 3. Online Christmas Advent calendar
  4. 4. Why use audio?• Audio captures peoples’ imaginations• Brings written words & static images to life• Easier and cheaper than filming• Can be carried out in most locations, with access to a telephone or the internet
  5. 5. Recording audio on a budget• Digital recorder for face-to-face interviews• Skype & Callburner for telephone interviews• Ear piece & digital recorder for telephone interviews
  6. 6. Editing audio recordings on a budget• GarageBand for Mac• PC option: – free 30-day trial• Editing can be time-consuming but it is rewarding!
  7. 7. The final countdown!• Image banks = free• Windows Live Movie Maker = free• YouTube = free• Making use of contacts: web designer = freeTo view the Advent calendar,
  8. 8. Evaluating the audio campaign’s success• 3,000 unique page views of the Advent calendar on the Contact the Elderly website• Feedback from website users: existing volunteers, older guests’ families, referrers of older people and Facebook Friends/Twitter followers• Free and economical tools and software
  9. 9. Audio as part of a wider campaign Audio complements other marketing tools! Audio can make for powerful listening!
  10. 10. Top tips for audio campaigns1. Give yourself enough time2. Let the interviewee speak3. Choose suitable stakeholders4. Engage your listeners5. Listen out for future audio opportunities6. Choose the right time7. Be patient and be prepared to do re-takes
  11. 11. Your taskPlease split into pairs to discuss and answer the following question: How would you use audio in your own campaigns or communications work?
  12. 12. Kellie Smith Communications Officere: t: 020 7420 5814 Twitter: countdown