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Making the business case for communications


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Olivia Belle, Help the Hospices
Communications on a shoestring conference

Published in: Business
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Making the business case for communications

  1. 1. Communicationson a Shoestring Conference 27 June, 2012, London #shoestringcomms
  2. 2. Making the case for communications
  3. 3. Common complaints Everyone thinks they are communications There’s a lack of joined experts up thinking there is less moneyThey don’t understand what we do We’re involved too late – once Communications decisions have been made isn’t seen as essential as operations or fundraising
  4. 4. Recurring themes• Communications not valued• No credit to the specialist skills and knowledge• Lack resources to make a big impact• Impact of recession• Lack of support or understanding• Lack of co-operation• Lack of strategic planning• A focus on the short term Charitycomms benchmark survey 2012, Amazon PR Get heard report 2011, Media Trust Marketing and Communications Needs of Charities 2009
  5. 5. Top 125 charity brands Charity brand index 2011 Third Sector / PR Week
  6. 6. Do what you do best…• Know your organisation strategy• Understand your audience• Develop your case for support• Sell it in• Monitor, evaluate, feedback• Listen, adapt and evolve
  7. 7. Know your strategy
  8. 8. Understand your audience
  9. 9. Develop your case for supportPhoto: Garry Knight
  10. 10. Sell it in
  11. 11. And do it all…• Monitor, evaluate and feedback• Listen, adapt and evolve
  12. 12. Olivia Belle, Help the