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Innovation on a small budget


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Henry Rowling, founder, Flying Cars

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Published in: Government & Nonprofit
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Innovation on a small budget

  1. 1. Innovation on a small budget: punching above your weight
  2. 2. About me Flying CarsPage 2
  3. 3. Flying CarsPage 3 What is innovation?
  4. 4. Flying CarsPage 4 Some misconceptions • Innovation means you have to come up with lots of new ideas out of nowhere • Innovation is expensive • Innovation is not important for your organisation
  5. 5. Flying CarsPage 5 9 key stages of innovation Problem Ecosystem ResearchPivot or Amplify Understand Prototype Audience Ideas
  6. 6. Flying CarsPage 6 Low-cost prototyping
  7. 7. Flying CarsPage 7 Why small is beautiful - how to use your size to win SMALL BIG Resource Sign off Time & Money scarcity Internal competition Getting noticed Distance from cause & beneficiaries Unrealistic expectations Risk appetite
  8. 8. Flying CarsPage 8 Innovation mindset - what is it? Curious Persistent Networked Audience-led Resilient Resourceful Agile Good-enough
  9. 9. Flying CarsPage 9 Persistence pays off
  10. 10. Flying CarsPage 10 Free or cheap tools you can use
  11. 11. Flying CarsPage 11 If you want a cheat sheet of similar free tools Text me on 07917015063 email: and I will happily send a list of top tools for you to use
  12. 12. Flying CarsPage 12 Understanding your audience & why it’s important
  13. 13. ▶▶ Having an innovation mindset doesn’t cost a penny ▶▶ Use your size to your advantage, be quick, bold and nimble ▶▶ Prototyping should be lean, cheap and fast ▶▶ Take advantage of the many free tools that are available to understand your audience and innovate ▶▶ Don’t be afraid to reach out and ask for help Final thoughts
  14. 14. @henryrowling 0207 157 9504