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Email for small charities: building, segmenting and targeting your lists


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Branislava Milosevic, Save the Children
Communications on a shoestring conference

Published in: Technology, Business
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Email for small charities: building, segmenting and targeting your lists

  1. 1. Communicationson a Shoestring Conference 27 June, 2012, London #shoestringcomms
  2. 2. Email for small charities Branislava Milosevic Head of Digital Save the Children @bubana
  3. 3. Email communications Email is still the main quality source of income and traffic to websites And no, Facebook didn’t kill the email star (yet)
  4. 4. Email planning considerations (How) are you collecting emails? Segmentation - how best can you segment emails? Objective and related KPIs Response options – donation, action, tweet? Testing with purpose - what tests might best inform your future activity? Integration - how does your email fit with other communications? Frequency of email How well are you managing deliverability?
  5. 5. Email top tipsSubject LineThink mobilePersonalisationSilos are totally not coolTest, Test, TestMake sign-up easy and legal
  6. 6. Types of email
  7. 7. Mobile templates
  8. 8. Case study
  9. 9. Newsletter
  10. 10. Crisatunity
  11. 11. Group work
  12. 12. Email planning considerations Divide into groups Choose an email to plan ◦ Segmentation - Who are you sending it to? ◦ Call to action (CTA) What do you want them to do? ◦ What content do you need/will you send? ◦ Can you do any useful testing? ◦ How will you evaluate the success?