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Creative Lab: a framework for great ideas


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Chris Dessent, managing director and Faith Bulleyment, business director, Creative Concern 

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Creative Lab: a framework for great ideas

  1. 1. We believe that creative, compelling and compassionate communications can make the world a better place. For us, great ideas and good values go hand in hand. Work that matters. Creative Concern.
  2. 2. Its hard to get colleagues thinking about comms I feel isolated ‘Creative’ sessions can sometimes be anything but New ideas seem to get killed off
  3. 3. What are we doing?
  4. 4. Tools & tips to re-energise your creative sessions
  5. 5. Get to grips with the brief…
  6. 6. Read the brief as individuals On the template distil the brief down to four bullet points or less Then distil it down to one line Then down to THREE WORDS!
  7. 7. Your big, bold, brilliant ideas!
  8. 8. Your own idea in 3 minutes Share them quickly! Everyone has to contribute No idea is discounted (yet!)
  9. 9. Double it!
  10. 10. Using the prompt cards, try to at least double the number of ideas that you have Capture on the ideas sheet
  11. 11. Choose your killer idea as a group!
  12. 12. You have to deliver this sooner than you thought, your board would like to launch at the very beginning of 2020 A couple of your board members are very keen that the campaign has an element that can be shared with partners for them to roll out on your behalf You have a creative campaign budget of £5,000 to deliver this
  13. 13. Campaign matrix on the table
  14. 14. Time to pitch your idea!
  15. 15. Thank you
  16. 16. Work that matters. Creative Concern.