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Communicating the essence and uniqueness of your organisation


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Max du Bois, Spencer du Bois

Published in: Health & Medicine, Business
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Communicating the essence and uniqueness of your organisation

  1. 1. Communicating theessence and uniquenessof your organisationMax du Bois2 December 2010
  2. 2. 162,000
  3. 3. Think of a charity that standsout?
  4. 4. Think of a charity that stands out?Was it yours?Unique space?Unique approach?Way they communicated?Size of their communications budget?
  5. 5. Defining what’s unique about you?
  6. 6. Describe your organisation inone sentence
  7. 7. Describe your organisation inone sentenceAre there other charities thatcould use the same description?
  8. 8. If your charity didn’t exist, howwould that effect the world?
  9. 9. After a bad day, why do youcome back?
  10. 10. Telling us very little
  11. 11. Brand; describing our organisationBrand is a way of building and using anorganisation’s reputation in a distinctiveand relevant way to manipulate its targetaudiences to act in ways that will helpachieve corporate objectives
  12. 12. Defining a brand:What do we do?Scope: What area of business are we in?Status: What status do we want to achieve?Why do we do it?Ambition: What is our heart-felt ambition?Ethos: What are the principles behind our actions?How do we do it?Style: How do we go about our business?Response: What impression do we want to create?Focus: What is our basis for making decisions?
  13. 13. Example: Merlin Ethos: What are the principles behind our actions We work around the world to help people build their own lasting and effective healthcare Focus Response: The impression Confidential we want to create We do what it takes and we stay for as long Style: How do Ambition: What’s our at it takes we go about our heart felt ambition business Investing in healthcare that gives Scope: Vitalising to fill with life or energy What area of the most vulnerable Incisive clear, to the point, effective, fast people healthy lives business are we in Undaunted not discouraged or put off Saving lives by delivering Hands on working directly with, extremely Medical experts emergency medical aid practical on the and reviving health services in frontline the toughest places Status Medical relief to lasting healthcare
  14. 14. Focusing on our audiencesWho are our key audiences?No, who are our key audiences?What can they do to help us achieve our goals?What do they think about us?What do we want them to think about us?What are the barriers to this?
  15. 15. Key message grid: Audience focus PURPOSE A brief statement of what we are aiming to achieve WHAT’s going on in the world WHY do we think this is important • Headline • Headline • Supporting points • Supporting points From a general perspective or that of The internal perspective, thinking about each specific target audience. what drives us, the principles that What is happening in the world that underpin our approach and our actions. makes our presence and our work Beliefs, opinions. valuable to them. Facts, observations. RESPONSE we want HOW will we help • Headline • Headline • Supporting points • Supporting points How we want people to respond in The way in which we go about our attitude and actions. work – our approach and style Think rather than our specific activities. Feel Signals of proof. Do
  16. 16. Subject: Who and what is RNIDRNID stops hearing loss from ruining people’s livesWhat is going on in the world that makes what we do important? Why do we feel that this is important?Hearing loss is needlessly ruining people’s lives We are passionate about tackling hearing loss and• By not valuing their hearing, people of all ages are needlessly ruining dedicated to improving the lives of people with their lives hearing loss• Many people are suffering because they are too embarrassed to seek • Too many people are being personally isolated through hearing loss, help or unaware of what help is available by their own inaction, the people around them them and by society• People are being denied basic solutions to hearing loss • We live in a hearing world where people with hearing loss are• People with hearing loss are treated as 2nd class citizens disadvantaged and discriminated against• This is hidden crisis across the UK: 9m DHOH, 4m are losing hearing • People aren’t accessing and getting access to the information, and not taking action, 2m who have taken action are not getting what solutions and services that would improve their lives they need • This appalling problem will get worse unless we act now• Hearing loss is not a public health funding priority and there are no Government health messages• The problem is getting worse with an aging population, many of whom will lose their hearing as they get olderHow do we want people to respond? How are we solving these problems?We want people to realise the value of their We support people with hearing loss and make hearing and that they can stop hearing loss hearing matter ruining their and other’s lives • We are the authority on hearing loss• Hearing connects people to the world and hearing loss • We are the largest provider of information, advice, services, isolates them support and products• It’s a tragedy that this huge and solvable problems is being • We challenge attitudes to hearing loss at a general, personal, ignored social and governmental level• We want people to protect their hearing and seek help on • We directly fund medical research and increase the demand and hearing loss the capacity in this area• We want people to actively support RNID in curing • We work in partnership with other organisations to make hearing deafness, removing the effects of hearing loss and making matter and improve the lives of people with hearing loss hearing matter
  17. 17. Expressing the brand
  18. 18. Aligning your communicationsDREAMDropRetainEvolveAddManage
  19. 19. Rethink: Voice of severe mental illness
  20. 20. Rethink: Voice of severe mental illness
  21. 21. Thank you