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Building and using a strong case study library


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Building and using a strong case study library

  1. 1. CharityComms seminar: Managing Case Studies and Portraying Beneficiaries 28 April 2011Web: up to our enewss:
  2. 2. Building and Using a Strong Case Study Library Ann-Mari Freebairn Head of Communications RAF Benevolent FundRoyal Air Force BenevolentFund
  3. 3. Background• RAF Benevolent Fund - established Service charity founded 92 years ago• No professional PR function until 2007• Seen as stuffy and out of touch. Still a strongly held perception that the RAFBF is an officers’ charity which only helps WWII veterans• Research done in 2007 showed that 70% of people on our supporter database were aged over 70Royal Air Force BenevolentFund
  4. 4. Strategic Priorities• Re-position the organisation as a modern Service charity providing a complete spectrum of support to serving personnel, past and present, and their families• Engage with a new generation of supporters to provide sustainable fundraising for the futureRoyal Air Force BenevolentFund
  5. 5. Re-Positioning the charityTo do this we need to demonstrate that the charity is: • human • relevant • activeOne of the best ways to do this is through using case studies.Royal Air Force BenevolentFund
  6. 6. Building a Strong Case Study LibraryRoyal Air Force BenevolentFund
  7. 7. What makes a strong case study?• Strong, compelling story• Story which conveys a particular message you want to get across• Good communicator• Able to create empathy• Being grateful for the support they’ve received!Royal Air Force BenevolentFund
  8. 8. What makes a strong case study library?Need a variety of case studies which:• Reflect the range of people the charity helps• Reflect the range of services the charity provides• Identify case studies who are suitable to talk on particular subjects• Identify case studies suitable for different comms channels (eg print, broadcast etc)Royal Air Force BenevolentFund
  9. 9. Tips on building your case study library• Building relationships with key stakeholders• Data protection• Permission form• Interview form• Photos (past and present)• Searchable case study database• Indicate who is suitable for which medium – (print, radio and TV)• Find a way of rating your case studies• Nominate one person as point of contact for each case studyRoyal Air Force BenevolentFund
  10. 10. Using Your Case Study LibraryRoyal Air Force BenevolentFund
  11. 11. Using case studies• Signed permission form• Photography release form (if needed)• Brief them properly• Explain what the interview or photos will be used for• Explain when they will get the opportunity to sign off on the publication• Thank them afterwards!Royal Air Force BenevolentFund
  12. 12. Case studies for publicationsIntroductory leaflet Annual Review 2009 - 10Royal Air Force BenevolentFund
  13. 13. Using case studies onlineRoyal Air Force BenevolentFund
  14. 14. Using case studies onlineRoyal Air Force BenevolentFund
  15. 15. Case studies and online donationsRoyal Air Force BenevolentFund
  16. 16. Using case studies in the media• Check that they are willing (even if they’ve agreed to it on their form)• Explain in advance things are apt to change at the last minute!• Keep them informed of any changes• Make sure they stick to the positive• Make sure that they are taken care of• Thank them afterwards!Royal Air Force BenevolentFund
  17. 17. Case studies in print mediaRoyal Air Force BenevolentFund
  18. 18. Case studies in online mediaRoyal Air Force BenevolentFund
  19. 19. Case studies on TVRoyal Air Force BenevolentFund
  20. 20. The best kind of case study ...!Royal Air Force BenevolentFund
  21. 21. Royal Air Force BenevolentFund
  22. 22. Thanks for listening! Any questions? Ann-Mari Freebairn Air Force BenevolentFund
  23. 23. About CharityCommsCharityComms is the professional membership body for charity communicators, led by the sector for thesector. We aim to improve the standard of communications and champion its role in the sector. We seek torepresent, support, inspire, connect and inform our members and the wider charity communicationscommunity.Find out moreYou can find out more about our events here: can learn about CharityComms membership here: 0207 4268 877