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Aligning organisational strategy and comms strategy


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Nicola Miller, founder, A Mile in Her Shoes

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Aligning organisational strategy and comms strategy

  1. 1. Micro-managing: Aligning communications with organisational strategy Nicola Miller, Founder and Chair A Mile in Her Shoes Wednesday 10 July 2019 @InHerShoesHQ
  2. 2. A Mile in Her Shoes in 2 minutes @InHerShoesHQ YouTube:
  3. 3. @InHerShoesHQ
  4. 4. Micro matters: reality check • Income <£10,000 • Often unregistered (too small) • Volunteer led, no paid staff • Unincorporated • No premises • Too small to apply for majority of grants • Stay small and struggle to scale up • 168,000 registered UK charities, estimated many more unregistered, micro charities @InHerShoesHQ
  5. 5. @InHerShoesHQ
  6. 6. Micro managing: The power of saying “no” • why it’s especially important in micro charities • what you could learn from us... • ...and from when we’ve said “yes” and regretted it @InHerShoesHQ
  7. 7. Saying “no” to press and media @InHerShoesHQ
  8. 8. Saying “no” to brand partnerships @InHerShoesHQ
  9. 9. Saying “no” to supporters @InHerShoesHQ
  10. 10. Saying “yes” to yourself! @InHerShoesHQ
  11. 11. 3 ways ‘small’ can learn from ‘micro’ 1. Don’t be afraid to say “no” 2. Don’t let valuable resources be led astray: stay on (organisational) message. 3. Don’t always think big: think about what (micro) matters @InHerShoesHQ
  12. 12. Any questions? Website: Twitter: @InHerShoesHQ Facebook: /inhershoeshq E: @InHerShoesHQ