Age UK case study – planning an integrated campaign


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Age UK case study – planning an integrated campaign

  1. 1. Bridging the Gap: Integrating Communications and Fundraising Workshop 25 May,2011CharityComms is the professional membership body for charity communicators. Webelieve charity communications are integral to each charity’s work for a better world.W: T: 0207 426 8877
  2. 2. Spread The Warmth
  3. 3. Age UKUK’s leading charity dedicated to improving later lifeAge Concern and Help the Aged – merged in 2009. Brand launced April 2010Partners• Age Scotland, Age Northern Ireland, Age Cymru,• 300 local partners of local Age UK’s, Age Concerns and Friends• 470 Age UK Retail ShopsIncome generation:• Enterprise• Retail• VoluntaryCharitable activities• Services• Research• Campaigning & Influencing
  4. 4. Audience Donors / supporters: Primary: 65+ ABC1 donors on higher incomes (with focus on AB audiences, South East/South West bias, aged 65); Secondary: ABC1 50-65 year olds who are becoming more aware of issues due to own age/family members; AND Younger audiences who may be less engaged with the issues but who will be attracted to our campaign activity Beneficiaries: 75+ on very low incomes Families and carers Stakeholders: Brand partners, other organisations working on age or issues relating to poverty, Government
  5. 5. Campaign Aims & ObjectivesTo reduce suffering and preventable winter deaths during winter• ‘Own’ Winter – a unifying theme around warmth• Generate funds and collect data• Raise awareness of the issues and Age UK• Develop a platform for multi-channel, mass involvement• Maximise our marketing spend across the board
  6. 6. Why Spread the Warmth?• Gives Age UK the scope to be serious andplayful – uniting fundraising and communications• PHYSICAL and EMOTIONAL warmth• Winter isn’t the real issue; ‘real warmth’ is• For older people: It’s being connected, engagedwith life, avoiding the dangers winter brings andnot feeling cold, receiving warmth from others• For supporters: It’s a kind thought, a helpfulaction, a simple donation. Feel, share, wear thewarmth
  7. 7. Campaign Structure
  8. 8. Channel StrategyCampaign ran from Oct 25 to Feb 11 • Digital • Face to Face • Direct mail • National press inserts • Radio • PR • Shop windows/ till leaflets • Virals/ online advertising
  9. 9. Phase 1 - SeedingLeverage corporate partnerships marketinginvestment to launch campaignBig Knit – innocent• Army of 250,000 knitters• £177,000 raised• ATL – Grazia, Metro, Heat, national dailies• £60K AVE in local PRDecca Records• Race for Christmas number 1• Media events in Manchester, Cardiff,Glasgow – Isabel spreading the warmth bysinging to older peopleTopshop• Christmas Cards• Spread the Warmth designer soups
  10. 10. Lionel’s Wheel of WarmthSpin Lionel’s wheel to generate an ‘act of warmth’Spin the wheel to generate your act of kindness…Aim:•Collect data and convert to supporters•Create talk-abililty and STW conversations•Generate media interviews and coverage usingLionel as a spokesperson
  11. 11. Digital
  12. 12. Information & Advice•Record print of Winter WrappedUp guide sponsored by BritishGas• An insert in The Mirror duringFebruary – the coldest month ofthe year• The Spread the Warmth onlinehub
  13. 13. Phase 2: Call to ActionPledge to Spread the Warmth• Face to Face thermometer give away• Pledge to take action against winterfuel poverty• Pledge to do something to spread thewarmth to an older person• Key data collection mechanism –future financial support• Also through Age UK Retail
  14. 14. Retail – Stock Drive• 2 million inserts in weekend Telegraph,Times and Mail on Sunday• Supported with a poster campaign inAge UK Retail shop windows
  15. 15. Direct Marketing•Christmas appeal focused onloneliness of older people duringwinter•1 million older people will spendChristmas day alone•5 million say the TV is their mainform of company• Help fund our befriendingschemes to spread the warmth
  16. 16. Phase 3: Bobble Day!
  17. 17. Income£853,793.68 raised during the Spread the Warmth campaign period
  18. 18. Response HighlightsTraffic to Spread the Warmth Lionel’s Wheel of Warmth•243,057 Page Views •11,119 Visits•103,935 Visits + 23% on target Data collected•87,055 unique visitors •Approx 7,880 instances of data collectionOnline Advertising Twitter & facebook•69,643,832 ad impressions •86,473 people exposed to the Bobble Day•63,203 clicks message •918 Twobbles •376 facebook “likesEmail•88,013 emails sent and 4,527 clicks Downloads •6,587 Winter Wrapped Up downloadsE-Cards Press inserts and Daily Mirror• 35,159 Visits in total, 3,946 e-cards •Average response rate 0.01%NBsent
  19. 19. Media Coverage•Total circulation reach of 78,014,884•AVE of £365,337 including online• 239 pieces of coverage generated• 15 national – including broadcast, 2consumer,• 153 local/regional,• 7 trade• 50 online
  20. 20. Key Challenges• Very short timescales led to missed opportunities• Lack of assets at key points in campaign – hard news and case studies• Orange was not a great colour for Northern Ireland!• Lionel’s wheel didn’t quite work……• Bobble Day has to compete with Red Nose Day and Valentines• No central budget – so a battle over bills• We were often driven by momentum rather than strategy• Difficult to measure the direct impact of STW on incomeBut…..
  21. 21. What did we learn?• People really love our campaign and want it to work• We need clearer messages around the cost of warmth - lots of confusion• We need robust, quality assets to respond to opportunities• We need to do fewer things well and have really clear objectives• Would highly recommend an agency for organisations of our size/scale• We know planning is key – but sometimes it’s worth taking a chance
  22. 22. Thank youLaurie BoultHead of Corporate, Community, Events &
  23. 23. Bridging the Gap: Integrating Communications and Fundraising Workshop 25 May,2011CharityComms is the professional membership body for charity communicators. Webelieve charity communications are integral to each charity’s work for a better world.W: T: 0207 426 8877