How to Develop Charisma and Personal Magnetism


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The four pillars of Charisma and Personal Magnetism. For more information:

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  • We all know the power of Charisma. When used in the wrong hands, it can lead to destruction, like the fascist charismatic leaders in world war 2 like Adolph Hitler or Mussolini, yet, when used in the right hands, it can go a long way. Above all we can all use its power in our daily life in order to achieve what we want to achieve. Now the question is...
  • The first question to ask is...Why Do Some People Create a Powerful Impact Everywhere, While Others Remain Unnoticed?If you look around you, you’ll see some people who seem to get all the “luck”. They always get it easy in life. They bump into the right people, get the right kind of experiences, get promoted, are healthier and so on. Even if they don’t deserve it!But why do these ‘lucky’ people experience deep life-changing events – while you might still be wrestling with financial struggle, health challenges, unfulfilled potential, and jarring, unpredictable peaks and plateaus in your career and personal life?
  • The difference is in your Personal Magnetism or Charisma.Personal Magnetism is precisely what makes the biggest difference between those who get ahead in life and those get left behind.And of course, now you ask.. But what on earth is personal magnetism?
  • And I answer you with another question...Have you ever had the experience of meeting someone for the first time and being totally being captivated by their presence and aliveness?You just want to be near them and get to know them better. And how about those who have a calm, cool and powerful control over themselves and others?It’s like they demand respect and attention by their presence alone.That’s Personal Magnetism.With Personal Magnetism, you become an unforgettable person.And it doesn’t take a genius to recognize the advantage of having this personal magnetism in relation to your business and career, as well as with your everyday personal relationships.
  • The first question people always ask me about it is... Istn’t it something that You Need To Be Born With It?Charisma is often described as something that either you were born with it, or you won’t and will never have it.. That’s completely wrong and prevented many people in the past from becoming charismatic. But Why does it exist?
  • What if there’s a way to develop your charisma and create a magnetic personality that gives you an uncanny ability to lead, charm, persuade and/or inspire others?What if there’s a way to become a kind of person everyone seems to be drawn to?This is where Charisma School comes in.Charisma School brought back the ancient teachings that successful men from the past used in order to completely change their own Personal Magnetism.We combined an absolutely new method with the best established teachings of an old lineage. These teachings have been hidden in secrecy, only released inside a closed group of people who used them to get an extra edge in life (Yes, we’re talking about millionaires and successful business owners!).Now, the world is ready to learn these teachings once more. This message is going to have a profound effect on how we live our lives in the modern world. I dare say—it could be earth shattering.
  • For that we developed the 4 Pillars of charisma.The first pillar is inner power: Your inner power is your spiritual or personal quality that grows inside of you. This is what gives you a high degree of self-confidence, self-esteem, assertieness, that extra edge that makes a difference on how you look and behave in the world. The Inner Power is what allows you to BE.The second pillar is the Will: The will has an intimiate connection with the core of your being. It enables you to decide what needs to be done, apply the necessary means for realization, persist in the task in the face of all obstacles and difficulties. The will is what allows you to do.
  • The third pillar is energy: the magnetic energy is your life force in itself. Your body is filled with this energy that is directly connected to the quality of your health and well-being. In here, it gives you the mysterious glow of charisma. The energy is what allows you to TRASNCEND. And finally we have projection: With projection you learn the several ways others feel you and how you can transmit an image of power and impact. This includes techniques like the Magnetic gaze, magnetic voice, powerful movement, external vibrations among others.Projection is what allows you to manifest.
  • Charisma School is designed to fully develop charisma, your inner power, expand your mind, develop your energy and be able to project personal qualities of magnetism and presence that gives you the ability to become remarkable, magnetic and inspire everyone around you. The ultimate goal is always to increase your consciousness and self-awareness.We believe that Charisma is something that comes from within and can’t be developed only using external techniques (like body language, presentation skills, communication and so on). Although those things can’t be neglected, they are not the main factors of charisma. So, using the knowledge of an ancient esoteric discipline, we train the mind and develop your internal magnetism in order to develop charisma. Charisma School is open for everyone who wishes to become charismatic, develop personal magnetism,  expand the powers of their own mind and increase their Inner Power.Some of the tools we use are:Training of the WillReeducation of Behavior and EmotionsDevelopment of the GazeGrowth of Inner PowerExpansion of your EnergyEvolution of the Mind Power
  • The Charisma School System, whether through our home training programs or through our individual training programs, helps you to awaken your full potential. In it, you’ll find a time-tested system of active magnetic tools and teachings.These highly refined exercises come together to form a more empowered lifestyle: one where you can overcome unwanted habits and beliefs, shift your career, personal life, relationships and health, and even influence the lives of your loved ones.Charisma is the missing link regardless of your situation in life and your individual aims. Charisma is what allows you to command a room, draw others to you, and convince people of your ideas. It’s an essential part of being the kind of leader who wins devoted followers who are willing to go to the ends of the earth for you.Charismatic men are perceived as both likeable and powerful, a dynamic, irresistible combination that opens endless doors to them.With this knowledge you can experience a New Way to Live and Look at the World! We have plenty of free courses available, so visit us at:
  • How to Develop Charisma and Personal Magnetism

    1. 1. How to Develop Charisma Bruno Martins & Fabricio Astelo
    2. 2. Why do some people create a POWERFUL IMPACT, while others remain unnoticed?
    3. 3. The difference is on their Personal Magnetism!
    4. 4. Presence, Aliveness Calm, Cool Powerful Control Become an Unforgettable Person
    5. 5. Don’t you need to be born with it?
    6. 6. They only focus on the EXTERNAL aspects of Charisma! Charisma is a “spiritual quality” Something that you radiate from the INSIDE! x √ What Every Charisma Development Program is doing wrong:
    7. 7. You can learn an ancient system of Personal Magnetism
    8. 8. Training of the Will Reeducation of Behavior and Emotions Development of the Gaze Growth of Inner Power Expansion of your Energy Evolution of your Mind Power
    9. 9. Experience a New Way to Live and Look at the World!