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Sophie evaluation question 5


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Sophie evaluation question 5

  1. 1. Lets start off by defining ‘social groups’… It is two or more people who interact with one another sharing similar characters and interests. I started by thinking about my target market and who I would aim my magazine at… I then decided that the best thing to do was make a survey to see what music genres where trending. Many people said pop/ chart music. So I decided to base my music magazine on chart music artists such as Taylor Swift and Rihanna. I knew a lot about this sort of music as well, so I thought it would be better to do a music magazine based on pop and chart music. How did you attract/address your audience?
  2. 2. The headings I used for the cover of my magazine was short and snappy. I tried to make them eye-catching and interesting. From personal experience of reading magazines, I tend to buy the magazines with the quirky interesting lines that look like they will be enjoyable to read. The colours I used are simple but effective as they stand out but not too bright that you it don’t look appealing. My target market is teenage girls who like listening to, or hearing about top pop/charts celebrities. So I had to base my magazine around this in order to get my target market to buy my magazine. I think my headers do fulfil my target market as they include popular celebrities and range between men and women.
  3. 3. The idea of my magazine was to make it so it was based around music, but had gossips and teenage fashion involved too. This allows more people to become interested instead of it just being based only on music which is out now. I tried to use other magazine ideas to influence my own for example, the position of the name of the magazine and how the models head overlaps a little. I tried to allow the clothing being worn to fit in with the colour scheme of the magazine.