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Poppy question 5

  1. 1. Question 5 How did you attract/address your audience?
  2. 2. My ideas about attracting an audience…  The first thing that came to my mind about attracting and addressing an audience, is who I was meant to be attracting. For example the type of market I was aiming for is the middle class social group. Therefore the price of my magazine could be around £2.70, and the layout had to be of a certain standard. Also as I am aiming at the middle class my magazine my magazine would not be able to contain swear words or slang.  I chose to do a rock magazine as I felt there was a lot on the market to gain ideas from and there was less on the market for pop. I liked the idea of doing rock as I felt I had a lot to gain from it and it could go a lot of places, also I already had a target audience and I felt that if this audience brought magazines such as Keraang and Q already by merging them I would have a wider range of people to aim my magazine at.
  3. 3. Logo I liked this logo as it grabbed the audiences attention because it is a stark white on a black background, it also gives the look of broken glass this relates to the magazine as it is a loud rock magazine. I've included this in my presentation as this is where I got the idea for my logo from, this is because Harley Davidson is biker company and in the image of this the audience imagines heavy metal, bikes, leather and rock. And I felt this was inclined to my magazine. I also loved the shape of the logo, however I couldn’t directly copy it therefore I used it as my inspiration and changed the colour and the outer shape. This is my final logo, as you can see I've taken the vague layout of the Harley Davidson logo however changed the outer design and the colours to make them more appropriate for my magazine This logo I feel would attract people into rock as the logo is based on Harley Davidson also the colours (as you will see later on in the presentation) would attract people into screamo music
  4. 4. Front cover The front cover of the magazine gives the first clue of the magazine inside, the colours I have used I feel attract my target audience as I've used dark colours and reds, this I feel attracts the “emo” crowd and those into rock as they wear a lot of dark clothing and as my target audience purchase magazines such as mojo I have tried to keep to the same layout and colours to a certain extent.
  5. 5. My interview for peoples perception of my magazine Q:Types of people to listen to MODE magazine, from looking at the front cover? A:Emos, heavy metal people Q:What do you associate with these types of people? A:dyed hair. facial piercings, long hair, Q:What colours would you associate with them?: A:Black,reds,deep purple I asked the tutor group 9sty these questions and to my delight they echoed my thoughts on my magazine, this goes to show that colours trigger certain thoughts in people.
  6. 6. The main factor to capture peoples attention is the colours and the fonts, this is because people automatically associate colours and writing with types of bands.