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Poppy front cover analysis 2


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Poppy front cover analysis 2

  1. 1. Magazine header bar: Barcode: The header bar gives the reader more information on the magazine; in this case it tells the reader what is inside the issue. It stands out well and blends in with the house style chosen for this magazine By having the barcode in the top left of the magazine makes the magazine seem more professional it also keeps the magazine neat. Headline: The headline gives a clue to what this issue will be about, for example this issue would be about the party season. Cover lines: The cover lines cover a range of different topics this will attract a wider range of customers depending on the cover stories. Title (Masthead): The font remains consistent throughout the magazines however the colour varies, this is good as customers can easily identify with the magazine as it is consistent. Colour Scheme: The colour scheme is aimed mainly at females as the colours used are purples and pinks. The colours contrast well with the background image. Text: The text is still used in columns however as it has spread around the page the columns are very vague. Using less text, in my option looks better as the magazine looks more clean and neat.