Luke audience survey analysis


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Luke audience survey analysis

  1. 1. Audience Survey Results By Luke Becke
  2. 2. This shows many people think £2 for a rap magazine is the appropriate cost. A few people think £3 and more is far too much as this is why it has a small percentage.
  3. 3. This shows nearly half of the people are not sure on what they would want too see on a rap magazine. Eminem was the most popular artist who I put down and Kanye West was the least favourite with a low percentage.
  4. 4. Nearly half of the people I asked voted for R3ality rather than the rest. The least favourite was R3al with a miniscule percentage.
  5. 5. The most popular three colours were Black, White and Blue. The most popular out of the three colours was White. The least favourite colour was Green as many people might think Green is odd for a rap magazine as it doesn’t fit the colouring for the genre.
  6. 6. Over half of the people thought a local shop is the appropriate place to sell a music magazine. No one voted buying it online as many people might not buy music magazines from online.
  7. 7. Over three quarters of the people think that a rap magazine is entitled for both genders. A small percentage thought a rap magazine is directed to a male rather than a female as no one voted for a female.
  8. 8. Over three quarters of who I asked do listen to music regularly and the same percentage do not listen to music regularly and others do not care.
  9. 9. Most of the people I asked said they would want to see well known solo artists/bands and less known bands/solo artists. Under a quarter of people said they would want too see well know solo artists/bands and no one said less known solo artists/bands.
  10. 10. More than half of the people I asked would want to see 1 main photo and under half of the people they said more.
  11. 11. Most people didn’t know what they wanted to see in a music magazine and the same people said they wanted to see interviews and posters and these were the least that were voted as information on artists and stories were voted more than posters and interviews.