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How effective is the combination of your main v2.0 jim

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How effective is the combination of your main v2.0 jim

  1. 1. How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?I think that our ancillary tasks complement the main product as they represent and emphasise the main theme of the product. The key aspects of the media product which we have carried through into our ancillary tasks include the movement of the train, the distinct colours (i.e. red and white), and the villain, which can be seen below.
  2. 2. The movement of the train could represent the appearing and disappearing of the villain, as the trains take a very direct route to their destinations, which could be likened to the villain who unexplainably appears before our main character.It could also be interpreted that the movement of the train is symbolic of the main characters repeated attempts at escape.
  3. 3. Another aspect which is present in both our mediaproductions and ancillary tasks in the distinctive two-tone colours.I think that we have definitely made the most of the red& white colour scheme in all of our products. This ismost prominent in our magazine cover, as it appears inthe title, the magazine features, and the picture itself.By keeping a simplistic colour scheme of only twocolours, I think that we have pulled off a professionallooking cover.This is present in other films such as Raging Bull, inwhich both the magazine cover and movie poster havea very distinctive colour scheme of black and red.Also, these colours conform to the conventions of thehorror genre, as the red is symbolic of blood. Arguablyit is more often red and black rather than red and white,however I believe that the white provides a sinister andclinical aspect, which is featured in horror films such asSaw, and The Human Centipede.