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Evaluation question 5


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Evaluation question 5

  1. 1. Evaluation question 5
  2. 2. I have chose to use Nirvana in my magazine because they are a big band who I chose to use influence other Morning Glory as bands on my my magazine magazine. I have name because its used the circle amusing and I because it signals thought it would the article out. appeal to my target audience (teenage boys).I have chose this I have writtenpicture because he lots morelooks very serious and because itthat’s because the shows there arepeople who are lots of articlesbuying my magazine inside andhave to be serious shows goodabout their music. value for money.
  3. 3. I have I have used redchosen to in the magazineuse big because it’s afeatures like strong originalexclusives magazine colourbecause they it helps contrastare why the the black andfans are white involvedbuying the and I’ve used itmagazine all over my magazine and that shows a state of identity I have The people in chosen to my magazine use fan of the have month instruments because it because it appeals to shows that my people who magazine is a want to get in serious rock the magazine magazine