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Audience feedback


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Audience feedback

  1. 1. What have you learned from your audience feed back? I decided to use two different approaches to conducting my audience feedback. Facebook was the first methods I used. When I put my trailer on Facebook I received no negative feed back.
  2. 2. The only problem that was pointed put to me was that I’d missed a word on one of my scenes, which I later edited. Although I was very flattered that I received good feedback, I realised that there was no comments that would help me for my evaluation. I then asked my Media Studies teacher if she was able to show my trailer to one of her classes, preferably in my audience target of 13- 16 year olds, accompanied by a question and answer sheet that would provide me with suitable feed back I could learn from. Subsequently, I received mixed feed back, with all sheets informing me my choice of music really worked. Below I have taken pictures of some of the feedback I obtained from the year 9 class.
  3. 3. Some of the students admitted that they found the trailer slightly confusing. Before publishing or showing anyone, other than my friends, the trailer I sent a lot of time editing it, adding scenes and removing scenes to avoid feed back like this. I asked several of my media studies classmates what they thought and none of them found it confusing. I have learned that I should have had a younger audience in mind when editing the trailer so it was easier for them to follow, however only 4 who students admitted to finding the storyline slightly confusing.
  4. 4. Other audience feedback that cropped up a lot was that the students felt that when Luke was daydreaming I should have made the music slower. Now watching my trailer back I completely agree that I should have chosen a song that was slower overall to emphasise the sadness of my character in this particular scene. I’ve learned that I should have explored for a different piece of music to fit this scene and possibly had him dray dreaming of other things they might do to really highlight the mood of my character and the situation he’s in.
  5. 5. My last picture of the audience feedback I received from the year 9 class was very positive. There was nothing for me to learn from when I read these. I was extremely happy with what they said as I think I put a lot effort into trying to make my trailer, the feedback I got from this was showed it was worth it. Overall, I feel that getting students to give me feed back was far more beneficial to me than when I put the trailer onto Facebook and it was commented on my family and friends, a majority of who were not in my target audience. I have learned that if I were to re-do my trailer I would make the storyline more obvious to my target audience and would explore my music options for that particular scene.