Competition Assessment of Printing Firm By Charindu


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Competition Assessment of Printing Firm By Charindu

  1. 1. IDENTIFYING THE IMPACT OF COMPETITION IN PRINTING INDUSTRYCompetition is a process of rivalry between firms seeking to win customers business. This process of rivalrywhere it is effective encourages firms to deliver benefits to customers in terms of prices, quality and choice.Where levels of rivalry are reduced, customers have less choice because they have fewer firms from whomthey can buy goods or services. Competition between firms may focus on offering the lowest affordable priceto its target customers, particularly where the product is with fair quality and legally acceptable.Most suppliers will try and compete in a number of ways in addition to price, for example by developing newimproved products, by offering products of differing quality or characteristics, by branding and advertisingthe differences in their products relative to their competitors, or by using different sales channels. Successfulsuppliers will seek to find a unique selling point by which their product stands out from that of their rivals.A very few of service providers of Sri Lanka in the printing section which offer service to its customersthrough online marketing. Apart from that, bulk of existing and new companies in the offset printing, digitalprinting and packaging can be identified island wide as rivals.Further the printing industry has been tremendously changed in the past 3 decades and will see even morechanges in the years ahead. Digital printing, large-format digital printing, offset printing are a few examplesof advances since the 1980s. Although the technology has changed and the competition is fierce, someaspects of the printing business remain unchanged such as customer service, the demand for quality, adheringto the particular ethics and laws regulating putting ink on paper.Moreover printing firms have made efforts to acquire more established clients in the market so that they arein position to show that they have attained substantial competency to encounter different environmental andabrupt changes. And they will not further hesitate to handle state jobs as they are often helpful to companiesto lead the market in comprehensive manner. Under these circumstances, for ensuring the existence in theindustry and enhancing the market share, printing firms are mostly well alert in the process of offering therequirements at the time customer expects.Last but not the least; Firms’ newly focused project is to implement web based marketing. They areestablishing new web site for the purpose of increasing the number of new clients towards the firm whilegiving more convenient service for their retained clients. This can be simply identified as one of the timelyneeded marketing strategies for remaining the segmented consumers in their belt at more dynamiccompetitive business world.
  2. 2. SWOT ANALYSIS OF PRINTING COMPANYStrengths Existing customer base Relationships Infrastructure Ongoing need for print Direct marketing expertise Brand recognitionWeaknesses Outdated technology Outdated selling practices Lack of relationships with marketing section Legacy costs Legacy personnelOpportunities Increasing marketing budget Technologies like PURLs keep print relevant Increasing interest in cross-media marketing New technology make direct marketing more cost-effective New production technology drives down costs Web-ordering opens up new sales opportunitiesThreats Green movement More marketing moving online Shrinking print industry Rising postage and material costs Web-2-print services increase competition