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Dr. Venkat Shastri, CEO, PCN Technology
Emerging energy generation and storage technologies for renewable energy sources: How do we generate, store, manage and distribute energy efficiently and effectively?

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PCN Technology Connect Venture Rountable

  1. 1. PCN TECHNOLOGY CONNECT VENTURE ROUNDTABLE JUNE 16, 2010 PCN Technology 2010 - Confidential
  2. 2. WHAT WE MAKE ! Embedded Communication and Networking Systems that works on any “Conductive Media” • Patented technology that Repurposes and Recycles existing copper and communicates through inline Equipment • Works on power wires, twisted pair, current loop, bus-bars, etc. • Overcomes noise and interference problems that plague traditional powerline • Communicates through transformers for Utility applications • Establishes data/energy networks on a rich spectrum of legacy infrastructure ! Capable of medium bandwidth at extended distance • 4 Mbps over 1 km distance • 100 – 200 kbps over 1.5 km distance through 2 transformers ! Open Standards with Convergence • IEEE 1901 compliant, IP, Industrial and commercial protocols PCN Technology 2010 - Confidential 1
  3. 3. ENABLING TECHNOLOGY • “On the Line” Dynamic Channel Selection based on identification of High Signal to Noise Ratio Frequency Bands for Signal Modulation on Physical Medium • This enables high QoS communication using noisy channels without any characterization of noise or interference • Resulting “Physical level QoS” complements Network level QoS • Modulation using OFDM for multiplexing data and channels efficiently • Dynamic Channel Adaptation also enables communication through transformers • Dynamic Channel also enables multiplexing new Apps with legacy Apps • Data Encapsulation provides mean to communicate legacy and proprietary protocol data through network Recycle & Repurpose Existing Infrastructure Into Intelligent Networks PCN Technology 2010 - Confidential 2
  4. 4. WHAT WE SELL Automation Applications INTERNET INTERNET Smart Grid Applications CLOUD CLOUD Media Applications PCN Servers tie various Security Applications conductive media together for true Convergence of communication channels Powerline / Electrical grid / Busbars Twisted Pair Current Loop 4-20 MA Wire Analog Sensor Other Serial -TCP/IP Modules on legacy Twisted Pair Serial - TCP/IP Modules for LV/MV Serial TCP/IP Modules for Power Line Communication legacy current loop wire PCN Technology 2010 - Confidential 3
  5. 5. PRODUCT AND SALES PIPELINE 2010 Selling products for LAN on existing Automation , Media wire and driving revenue and backlog 2011 Ramp Sales in LAN Applications Sell LAN products for Lighting Automation, Media, Secure LAN orders for Generation Lighting, Energy Secure WAN orders for Smart Grid 2012 and Beyond Ramp Sales in LAN for Automation, Media and Lighting Automation, Media Ramp up LAN and WAN for Energy Lighting, Energy, Begin realizing vision of convergence in Security, Enterprise conductive media PCN Technology 2010 - Confidential 4
  6. 6. RECHARGING IN GAS STATIONS Electric Charging Station Ready PCN Technology 2010 - Confidential 5
  7. 7. AUTOMATING SOLAR AND WIND FARMS 1255 Solar Panels reflecting Into a Solar Tower Collector PCN Technology 2010 - Confidential 6
  8. 8. INFRASTRUCTURE SOLUTION Tying it all together PCN Technology 2010 - Confidential 7
  9. 9. BE A PART OF SOMETHING EXCITING and ….. PCN Technology 2010 - Confidential 8