ThoughtWorks India Away Day Quiz 2013


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This is a general quiz on India. Expect questions from Bollywood, Cuisine, Places and Personalities. A fun quiz.

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ThoughtWorks India Away Day Quiz 2013

  2. 2. PRELIMS • Teams of 4 • Phones-Off • No Google • Minimum One female participant in each team • Each question will be projected for only 30 seconds • Hidden Tie Breaker Questions Turn this slide when Prelims start only.
  3. 3. Q1 Born in 1904, he dropped out of school and ran away from home. He worked as a time keeper in the railways, as a hotel manager and as a salesman for Remington Typewriters before making it big in the world of Hindi and Bengali films. In later life, he suffered from alcoholism and died at a young age of 42. Name him.
  4. 4. Q2 Crowd funding is gaining traction in US thanks to Kickstarter. Way back in 1970s, an Indian director used this mode to finance this movie which in itself is a landmark in Indian cinema. Name the movie. Bonus points for naming the director.
  5. 5. Q3 In 2010, an Indian startup, unveiled the first “Made in India” web browser, designed with privacy and security as foremost principles and based on an open source platform. What is this browser called? Bonus points for naming this startup
  6. 6. Q4 This thing was popular among Sufis in Mecca who would often drink this to stay awake to meditate through the night. A Muslim Holyman, Baba Budan is supposed to have got this to India from Yemen to Chikmaglur in 1670. From here on, its use became more widespread in India. Identify this thing.
  7. 7. Q5 Connect: Lalitaji for Surf, Cherry Charlie for Cherry Blossom Shoe Polish, The MRF Muscle Man, The Liril girl in the waterfall, The Kamasutra couple Hamara Bajaj ad Hint: Sharon Prabhakar, Pearl Padamsee, Dolly Thakore
  8. 8. Q6 This city produces a world famous snack that was produced was the first time in 1877 during the reign of Maharaja Shri Dungar Singh. Though the snack is made all over the country, the secret ingredient in___ _is said to be desert sand. Identify the city or the snack.
  9. 9. Q7 In June 2011, X adopted Shivnagar, a remote village near U.P and enabled clean drinking water facilities by installing manual pumps. To show their gratitude, the village‟s residents decided to rename their village to X Nagar. Identify X.
  10. 10. Q8 This US-trained engineer dumped a government job and joined a small time dairy co-operative at Anand in Gujarat at three times less his salary and helped create a co-operative movement which will be remembered for centuries to come. Identify the movement and the engineer mentioned here.
  11. 11. Q9 Identify this book and its author: • Shortlisted for the Booker prize in 1991 • Made into a movie starring Om Puri and Naseerudin Shah in 1998 • Banned by Mumbai University following Shiv Sena protests in 2010
  12. 12. Q10 Forced by government of India directive, she was "killed" on June 3, 2009 leading to protests by bloggers, media watchers and columnists. She was „the first of its kind‟ in India and set a trend. Identify her.
  13. 13. Q11 Following is the logo and Mascot of What?
  14. 14. Q12 Identify X • Born in Bangalore • Struggled with an impoverished lifestyle during his childhood • Did odd jobs as a coolie while growing up • Was born in 1950 to parents Jijabai and Ramoji Rao in Bangalore
  15. 15. TIE BREAKER Can be used as Audience Questions if not needed
  16. 16. ROUND 1: PLACES • Identify the place in the picture • 30 seconds Time • You can ask for assistance • 10 points for Direct, • 5 points for Indirect
  17. 17. Q1 Identify this organization
  18. 18. Q2 Where is this monument located?
  19. 19. Q3 Where is this monument located?
  20. 20. Q4 Where is this monument located?
  21. 21. Q5 Where is this place located?
  22. 22. Q6 In news recently, something special about this Tunnel. Where?
  23. 23. Q7 India‟s only floating National Park. Where is it?
  24. 24. Q8 Where and What is this place?
  25. 25. Q9 Identify this temple
  26. 26. Q10 Identify the place.
  27. 27. AUDIENCE Q Originally created in town of Athani, 150 kms from Belgaum. This is made of buffalo skin, spotted by trader from Mumbai and marketed under a different name, inspired from the make the origin. What are we talking about?
  28. 28. ROUND 2: CONNECTS • Connects • 40 seconds each question • 20 points Direct • 10 points indirect • You have to explain the connect and each image as well
  29. 29. Q1
  30. 30. Q2
  31. 31. Q3
  32. 32. Q4
  33. 33. Q5
  34. 34. Q6
  35. 35. Q7
  36. 36. Q8
  37. 37. Q9
  38. 38. Q10
  40. 40. ROUND 3 • Simple Questions • 20 seconds to answer • 10 points for direct, • 5 for Pass
  41. 41. Q1 DK Jain started this Indian company Siddhomal and Sons. Switched to manufacturing and changed its name to Industrial Oxygen in 1963. Based on recommendation by Mckinsey, it diversified to media and entertainment segment in 1999. Name this Indian company.
  42. 42. Q2 What is the significance of Bobby Bikes?
  43. 43. Q3 Which was the first town in India to get electricity in 1902, only second in Asia Pacific after Tokyo?
  44. 44. Q4 This Indian Enterprise Software is a $90 million business, with sales across 100 countries and claims to power 95% businesses in India. Founded by SS Goenka in Bangalore , it is one of the largest successful software product companies from India. Name this company
  45. 45. Q5 What is the claim to fame of Australia-born Mary Evans in Indian Cinema?
  46. 46. Q6 He is from a UP Muslim family, did his schooling from Meerut and Nainital and made it big in Bollywood. He played the role of Captain Nemo in Hollywood adapation of comic book " The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen"
  47. 47. Q7 This company was founded in 1952 when Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru, personally requested JRD Tata to manufacture beauty products in India as he was concerned that Indian women were spending precious foreign exchange on beauty products. Which well known brand are we referring to?
  48. 48. Q8 According to Jehangir Nama, the emperor was very impressed by these group of performers from Bengal. Currently, the eight-generation of this family still practices this craft and have gained international accolades. Name the family and their craft.
  49. 49. Q9 Often considered to be Nehru's favorite, this minister was embroiled in India's first corruption case regarding imports of Willys Jeeps from the UK. He later earned more disrepute for leading an unprepared India to a war with China. Name the minister.
  50. 50. Q10 Captain Nemo (Jules Verne – Mysterious Island) dies at the end of the tale, but before his death he reveals to one of his confidants his true identity as an Indian Prince Dakkar, and a nephew of an Indian hero/king who fought the British. Name this famous Indian hero .
  51. 51. AUDIENCE QUESTION Identify X • Born in Udupi district of Karnataka. • Was a champion in discus throw from Maharastra in 1994 • Acted in the 2007 flick “Johnny Gaddar” • Currently plays a detective on a popular Hindi TV serial on Sony