Things i carry


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Dont be a slave to your possessions - just carry your attitude.

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Things i carry

  1. 1. Things I CarryCharan Puneet Singh
  2. 2. • Because what really matters is not what you own, but what you areAttitude
  3. 3. Because I am• a son• a brother• a husband• a passionate human beingLove
  4. 4. Because I work at Thoughtworks, and we believe in whatwe do. I left higher paying jobs and decided to follow mypassion and see software make a difference to the World.Passion
  5. 5. • Because I don’t want to get caught by cops!Driving License
  6. 6. • Because I like to buy little children treats, and watch them smile.Loose Change
  7. 7. • Because my sister bought it from her first salaryA worn out leather wallet
  8. 8. • Because my wife gifted me one when we first metA Titan watch
  9. 9. Summary : I am not aslave of my possessions
  10. 10. Charan Puneet Singh Market Inteligence Specialist Thoughtworks Me Out