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Business Quiz for Converge


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Questions around latest developments in IT and Tech

Published in: Business
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Business Quiz for Converge

  1. 1. Converge Quiz 25 March
  2. 2. Q1: Connect This organization was founded by 30 former NASSCOM members, led by two key people behind it who were leading Nasscom’s product initiatives earlier. It aims to be a ‘think tank’ dedicated to promoting existing Indian software product companies. Their three focus areas will be to draft and take policy proposals to government officials; create reusable ‘playbooks’ from successful companies that can be applied by others; and create ‘self-help communities’. Name the organization
  3. 3. Q2: Connect
  4. 4. Q3: Straight shot 5473 deliveries (over 900 overs ) without bowling a single wide in ODI cricket. Name the bowler. Hint: Also called Whispering death
  5. 5. Q4: Connect Shaheen Dhada and Rinu Shrinivasan from Mumbai A tourism officer from Varanasi Ambikesh Mahapatra, a Jadavpur University professor Devu Chodankar from Goa A class 11 student from UP A man from Puducherry
  6. 6. Q5 Connect Flame Fire Shamoon Heartbleed Prinimalka Stuxnet Duqu
  7. 7. Q6: Guess Following the revolutionary vote by the Federal Communications Commission on net neutrality, President Obama thanked this community of open-Internet advocates who flooded the FCC with comments on the proposal supporting the agency's rules
  8. 8. Q7: Connect ● One of the largest indian business houses in its league ● Mentioned in a Newseek editorial in march 2015 ● Got 600+ web pages banned under Sec. 66A ● Promoter is the best selling author of “Count your chickens before they hatch”
  9. 9. Q8. Identify Recently a lot of major controversies linked to this bank were exposed. One of the ingenious schemes being was run like this: In France, a manager, Nessim el-Maleh, was able to run a cash pipeline in which plastic bags full of currency from the sale of marijuana to immigrants in the Paris suburbs were collected. The cash was then taken round to Banks’s respectable clients in the French capital. Bank accounts back in Switzerland were manipulated to reimburse the drug dealers. Name the Bank
  10. 10. Q9. Identify An international hacking ring was in news for stealing as much as $1 billion from more than 100 banks in 30 countries. The scheme, uses a unique malware so sophisticated that hackers have used it to dispense cash from ATMs without any physical contact with the machines, according to the report by Moscow-based security firm Kaspersky Labs. Name the Malware.
  11. 11. Q 10. Identify BlackBerry and X are partners that provide data and voice encryption to Germany’s Federal Office for Information Security. Even Chancellor Angela Merkel was said to be a user of the pair’s tools. Name X.