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Location, risk assessment and casting


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Location notes, including risk assessment and casting

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Location, risk assessment and casting

  1. 1. Location, Risk Assessment and Casting
  2. 2. Location • For the narrative, I knew I needed a lot of ground space to enable the characters to have this war. • Therefore, I considered different parks and fields which we could use to film on that wouldn’t be too crowded and could have a background which wouldn’t show the urban surroundings such as roads etc. • I came up with two choices of location which were Ockwells park in Maidenhead, near my school or Burnham Park. I chose these two locations as they were the most convenient choices that I could revisit easily and re-film certain shots if needed. • However, I chose to use Burnham Park in the end as when surveying the two locations I realised that Burnham has a lot of trees surrounding the park which will allude to the idea that this narrative was not set in a urban environment, blocking off the road effectively. • An advantage of the location is the spacious area which allowed me to choose which particular area of the park I wanted to use, it is also nearby to my house which means its easy to visit and evaluate the best places to take shots in and plan for the real day. • As my friends don’t live as nearby, it was quite difficult as when I invited them round we had to film the shots in one go as I wasn’t sure whether or not they would all be able to make the next date of filming to catch up as some may be busy. • Another issue which I faced was that I wanted to use coloured powder which we weren’t if it was going to stain or not, therefore we were slightly tedious to whether or not we should use the local park to film in case we were caught. • I overcame this issue by letting my friends sleep over my house so that we could leave at 8am so that there would be less people around and there was less chance of being told we couldn’t film there. • As the location is near to where I live meant that the weather forecast for Burnham Bucks was applicable to my location to film so that I knew it would be dry weather and we wouldn’t have to deal with the issue of rain or too much wind.
  3. 3. Casting • It was easy to cast the singer role for my music video as I knew I needed to have someone who would easily be accessible if I wanted to film extra shots and that was willing to perform the way I desired. • Therefore, I decided to use the same main character as in my AS opening scene to a film – my sister. • As my sister, Emma, had previous skills of acting in not only my AS film but from taking part in plays in her old secondary school. This meant that she was confident with acting out the shots I designed in the storyboard and was able to improvise with particular shots to make them even more effective. • The only issue with using my sister was that because she is at university meant that I was able to film over summer, however when it came to the school term she had to go back to uni which was over four hours away which meant I had to film this selection of shots earlier than I anticipated so that I could have Christmas holidays to re-film any extra shots that weren’t to the standard I wanted. • The narrative was more difficult to cast as even though all my friends were willing to be in the narrative, many couldn’t make dates at the weekend due to working. • Therefore to overcome this situation I used only four of my friends who could attend and my aunt and cousin as an alternative.
  4. 4. Risk Assessment Risks I could have encountered: • Not having the sufficient equipment • Public getting in shots • Weather forecast not being correct and having to reschedule • Getting told we couldn’t film in that particular area • Forgetting storyboard • Characters not being able to turn up last minute • Danger to the equipment, if it is dropped, knocked over, used incorrectly • Not having the props needed available • Not enough sufficient space • Equipment not working Risks I did encounter: • Public did walk past camera a few times and interrupted filming by asking what we were doing which meant it took longer time to film. • There was also the worry that we would be told to move from the primacies. • I also forgot to bring one of the props which were the balloons, luckily I was able to go back and get the prop as the park is located nearby. Conclusion: Overall, the majority of my filming went to plan and there weren’t any major difficulties that I encountered which couldn’t be solved with simple solutions. This meant I was able to complete my filming before the given deadline and edit the shots I had before others giving me a headstart which enabled me to go back and take more shots of the live performance if I wanted.