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Getting the Most Out of Twitter...Everywhere!

You have a Twitter account. You’ve learned the lingo, you know how to tweet, you keep everyone updated. But you know there’s more than just sending tweets and trying to keep up with your twitstream.

Third-party developers have created an array of applications to help (almost 300K at last count), whether you need to run Twitter in a corporate environment; find out what others are saying about you, your company, or your product; use Twitter on your desktop or mobile phone; read event tweets; add widgets to your website…the list is almost endless.

(Some people started calling this presentation "The Zen of Twitter" :-) )

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Getting the Most Out of Twitter...Everywhere!

  1. 1. Getting the Most Out of Twitter ... Everywhere!" Char James-Tanny JTF Associates, Inc. @charjtf / @helpstuff
  2. 2. 90 million tweets (a day)
  3. 3. Twitter is not a fire hose
  4. 4. Trending topics
  5. 5. #lavacon #techcomm #lizard / #a11y #make1 #tcchat
  6. 6. 300 third-party applications K
  7. 7. microblogging.html SEARCH: twitter apps Twitter Clients
  8. 8. Twitter Clients
  9. 9. Twitter Clients
  10. 10. Other Twitter Clients Apple (iPhone, iPod, iPad) Windows Android Blackberry *nix
  11. 11. Twitter Services twitter-services-that-you-do-not- want-to-miss interesting-twitter-services- and.html
  12. 12. Reading and Filtering Notifications Analysis and Quality Location Twitter Services
  13. 13. Reading and Filtering
  14. 14. Reading and Filtering
  15. 15. Notifications
  16. 16. Analysis and Quality
  17. 17. Analysis and Quality
  18. 18. Analysis and Quality
  19. 19. Location
  20. 20. Widgets Flickr Facebook LinkedIn
  21. 21. Corporate Environment Yammer
  22. 22. Security
  23. 23. All river pictures were taken by Richard Engelbrecht and are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License. ( by-nd/3.0/us/)
  24. 24. Thank you!