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  1. 1. Superior Anodes™ Subsidiary of Tennant Company
  2. 2. Superior Anodes™ Precious Metal Coated Titanium Anodes 12369 Kinsman Road, Unit K | Newbury, Ohio 44065 | 440.996.0800 | WSI - 6/12 Water Star also specializes in plating, water treatment, electrodialysis, metal recovery, oxygen/hydrogen generation (HHO) and cathodic protection (CP). APPLICATIONS • Auxiliary Anodes • Ballast Water • Bath Balancing • Cooling Towers • Electrodeionization • Metal Recovery • On-site Chlorine Generation • On-site Hypochlorite • Oxidation of Organics • Printed Circuit Board • Spa & Swimming Pool Anodes • Trivalent Chrome Water Star Inc. is proud to offer Superior Anodes™. We specialize in the manufacture of precious metal coated titanium anodes, including mixed metal oxide (MMO) anodes. MMO is deposited onto titanium substrate, which stabilizes the anodes across various operating conditions, and provides lower voltage over lead metal anodes. Water Star provides a competitive advantage for our clients. With extensive experience in electrochemical technology we can pair the proper coating to applications based on individual specifications, improving the overall quality and life cycle of products. WATER STAR CAPABILITIES • Consulting to the electrochemical industry • Design and manufacture of anodes • Recoat and refurbish existing anodes • Assembly of cells • Light fabrication Water Star proudly provides anode coatings and structures of exceptional value at highly competitive costs. ADVANTAGES • Dimensionally stable • Extended duration • Lower additive consumption • Reduced operating costs • Uniform thickness, increased rounds • Special coatings for reverse polarity (RP) • High/low chlorine efficiency • Custom fabrication • Custom coating formulations • Reduced use of energy • Lower electrode potential and overall cell voltage