Disney: Social Media Magic


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Disney: Social Media Magic

  1. 1. Presented By: Lorraine Dauphinee,Tom Ringpa, Falon Matthews, KendallWinstanley and Charina Gardiner
  2. 2. Introduction• Disney is ranked second overall in social media business performance.• They utilize a clear vision for their company.• They maintain a clear brand identity across all platforms.• Universal adherence to the Disney vision has made Disney the social media giant it is today.
  3. 3. Company Background• October 16, 1923• Mickey Mouse was developed• Won first Academy Award in 1932 for best cartoon• Highest grossing film of its time in 1937 “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”
  4. 4. Company Background• War World II halted productions• In 1950 Treasure Island and Cinderella were made• Began television series and the Mickey Mouse Club• 1955 first Theme Park• Disney Channel, Touchstone Pictures
  5. 5. Disney’s Social Media
  6. 6. Facebook•August 2009 Disney’s Main Facebook Fan Page Begins•Over 27 pages of selections•8 Additional Headings•Top Pages, Most Talked About, Top News•Over 400,00 connections and likes links http://www.facebook.com/Disney?sk=app_168179776575247
  7. 7. Facebook Interaction and Engagementhttp://www.facebook.com/FindingNemoNemo#!/FindingNemoNemo/app_297049863727361
  8. 8. FacebookDisney Hits a Milestone on Facebookhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bVQ4bskC6D8
  9. 9. YouTube
  10. 10. YouTube• One of the many social media tools that Disney implements.• Most popular among young adults.• Children utilize today’s technology via YouTube• Disney is augmenting the future of their business with YouTube videos.
  11. 11. YouTube• Disney maintains brand identity through the layout and content of their YouTube channels.• Disney is predominantly a visual media company. http://www.youtube.com/user/disney
  12. 12. YouTube• 1.5 Billion Videos Viewed• Disney Style - 87,916 subscribers• Disney Shows - 66,259 subscribers• Walt Disney Music - 65,501 subscribers• 70 network channels• 11,760 network Videos• 1,577,475,514 network video views• 1,700,084 network subscribers
  13. 13. YouTubehttp://youtu.be/RJxwQlxy4AI
  14. 14. Twitter
  15. 15. Twitter• A fundamental way for Disney to communicate with fans• Disney Interactive manages five major accounts with more than 3.5 million followers.• @Disney has 1,484,064 followers and tweets regularly• @WaltDisneyWorld has 467,610 followers
  16. 16. Twitter• Disney has its own Twitter account for all of the parks.• @DisneyParks has 298,468 followers• Disney has a hashtag for every ride, such as #ItsASmallWord.• Disney utilizes their Twitter for promotional events and stunts.• When Lucas Films announced they were selling the rights to Star Wars to Disney, the tag #DisneyStarWars took over Twitter.
  17. 17. Conclusion• Disney invests massive amounts of time and personnel into the operating of their various social media sites.• They strive to maintain a constant brand identity.• Disney makes themselves unique with the branched out approach they take to social media.• Disney is proof that succeeding in social media isn’t magic – it’s a well implemented business strategy that carries across all platforms.