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Victor & Spoils Submission: WD-40 Brand Equity Stretch Exercise - Product Innovations


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Innovations ideas for the iconic WD-40 brand

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Victor & Spoils Submission: WD-40 Brand Equity Stretch Exercise - Product Innovations

  1. 1. CL ASWD-40 MASTER BRAND ARCHITECTURE & SI FI EDPORTFOLIO INNOVATION MAP Created by Lee “Chappy” Chapman, 2011 Objective: Create new product ideas for WD-40, extending the brand’s equities into new product adjacencies and categories. Brand Strategy: WD-40...”WITHOUT DIFFICULTY. FORTIFIED.” Purpose: Provide structure and context for my innovation ideas 1-50. 1 Years 5 Experience Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3Degree of Disruption, Differentiation & Innovation HOME & HOUSE CARE DIY, TRADE & INDUSTRIAL ACTIVITY & RECREATION Commodification WD-40 HOME: “Wipe Dry”: WD-40 DIY: WD-40 MOTORS: 1. WD-40 Sponge 21.WD-40 Squeaky Home Fix 41.WD-40 Motor/Engine Tonics 2. WD-40 Wipes 22.WD-40 Squeaky Wheel Disc WD-40 GOLF: 3. WD-40 Refillable Mop 23. WD-40 Extreme Weather 42.WD-40 Spikes, Towel, Grips 4. WD-40 Anti-Static Rags 24. WD-40 Paint Primer WD-40 HUNTING & FISHING: 5. WD-40 Degrease Soap 25.WD-40 Endurance Formula 43.WD-40 Whisper Spray 6. WD-40 Fuse Box Vaporizer 26.WD-40 Tape, Sealant WD-40 MARINA: WD-40 AUTO & GARAGE: 27.WD-40 Insulation 44.WD-40 Aqua Lock Present 7. WD-40 Garage/Shop Mop 28.WD-40 Premix Concrete WD-40 CAMPING: 8. WD-40 “Easy Off” Yard Tools 29.WD-40 Floor Tiles 45.WD-40 Survival Equipment 9. WD-40 Driveway Wash 30.WD-40 Putty WD-40 GRILLING & FIREPLACE: MULTI-OCCASION, 10.WD-40 “Easy Turn” Car Lock 31.WD-40 Lube Gun & Spray 46.WD-40 Clean Up & Safety USER, SUFACE, BENEFIT 11.WD-40 Auto Parts 32.WD-40 Digital Oil Meter WD-40 GARDENING: SPRAYS 12.WD-40 Engine Fluids & Oils 33.WD-40 Serum, Concentrate 47.WD-40 Apron/Carabiners 13.WD-40 Engine AC Magnet 34.WD-40 Work Mat WD-40 LIGHT AVIATION: WD-40 Variants WD-40 TOOLS & ACCESSORIES: WD-40 TRADE: 48.WD-40 Flight Instrument Safety • Smart Straw 14.WD-40 “Easy Off” Fasteners 35.WD-40 Squeaky Floor Fix WD-40 4X4: • Big Blast Can 15.WD-40 Document/Paper Spray 36.WD-40 Home Siding 49.WD-40 Snorkel • 1-Gallon 16.WD-40 Touch Up Crayon 37.WD-40 Retail Kiosk WD-40 PRO WORK GEAR: • 3 oz Handy Can 17.WD-40 Zipper Butter 38.WD-40-Proof PC Notebook 50.WD-40 CO-BRAND • Trigger Pro 18.WD-40 & STANLEY TOOLS 39.WD-40 Backpack Unit • No-Mess Pen 19.WD-40 Electronics Purifier WD-40 COMMERCIAL: 20.WD-40 Natural/Green 40.WeatherDefender Service Brand Elasticity: Lubricate, Clean, Protect, Penetrate, Displace Water