Project HDPE - World Cup Green Project Idea


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Sustainable-Green idea for World Cup 2010

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Project HDPE - World Cup Green Project Idea

  1. 1. TM Lee “Chappy” Chapman: 917 678 5404 Confidential. Please do not electronically forward or reproduce without consent. © Lee Chapman/Binocular LLC, September 02, 2009.
  2. 2. OPPORTUNITY Create global brand velocity with the largest sports fan base.
  3. 3. PROBLEM HDPE is a global environmental condition of epic proportion.
  4. 4. CHALLENGE Establish 2010 FWC as the ‘green’ legacy for the world to follow.
  5. 5. SOLUTION Access football’s core virtues to allow humans to live better.
  6. 6. FIFA REQUIREMENT: THE ‘GREENEST’ FWC EVER INSIGHT Society is responsible for creating the ‘community’ of change.
  7. 7. + = IDEA Repurpose HDPE as the main ingredient for size 3 footballs.
  8. 8. OPPORTUNITY Create the first commercially repurposed and recycled football.
  9. 9. Sizes 3 PRODUCT The ‘Official’ Repurposed Football of the World. TM
  10. 10. CAUSE Restore pride, dignity and wellbeing to African boys.
  11. 11. 16 000 000 , , HDPE BAGS REPURPOSED, NOT SOUTH IN AFRICAN IN LANDFILLS IMPACT 11, June - 11, July 2010.
  12. 12. 500 000 , REPURPOSED HDPE FOOTBALLS 10 VENUES / 9 HOST CITIES / 64 GAMES / +2,500,000 ATTENDANCE SALES If 20% of the expected 2.5MM attendees purchases one ball.
  13. 13. $10 000 000 , , REVENUE If 20% of the expected 2.5MM attendees purchases one ball.
  14. 14. R16 000 000 , , EARNINGS South African boys and their townships will earn 20% of gross.
  15. 15. • project HDPEsa is the initiative to associate with FWC • project HDPEsa is a sustainable revenue generator • project HDPEsa will ‘push’ UA Football awareness in new European and developing markets • project HDPEsa will increase UA Football presence at FWC • project HDPEsa will accelerate UA Football affinity with youth and adolescent targets • project HDPEsa will ‘level the playing field’ with football’s global powerhouses - Adidas, Nike, Puma • project HDPEbr 2014 FWC in Brasil to continue the legacy UNDER ARMOUR A goliath opportunity to make a statement to the world.
  16. 16. • project HDPEsa can become an extension of the FIFA charter encouraging Fair Play ‘from pitch to community’ • project HDPEsa furthers the mission of FIFA’s Green Goal and SALOC’s goal to establish South Africa as a positive environmental legacy for World Cup • project HDPEsa is scalable to every country where FIFA has presence and HDPE is an environmental issue • project HDPEsa products will create royalty revenue for FIFA projects, creating an annuity stream • project HDPEbr 2014 FWC in Brasil to continue the legacy FIFA project HDPEsa will help teach FIFA values to a new generation.
  17. 17. • project HDPEsa is a pro-commerce community movement to solve South Africa’s HDPE environmental issues • project HDPEsa will help train South Africa’s next generation of men to excel • project HDPEsa will be the model for the world to follow • project HDPEsa will help SALOC create a ‘Green Legacy’ • project HDPEsa will help the South African waste management community aggregate HDPE as plastics • project HDPEsa will reverse ‘African pessimism’ • project HDPEbr to partner with project HDPEsa for 2014 FWC in Brasil to continue the legacy SOUTH AFRICA Demonstrating a culture “alive with possibilities.”
  18. 18. SOUTH AFRICAN LOCAL BRANDS PARTICIPATION Local business and consumers saving their environment.
  19. 19. GLOBAL & NA BRANDS PARTICIPATION The largest companies in the world can solve world issues.
  20. 20. Lee “Chappy” Chapman (Principal of Crosscut Advisory) has been instrumental in helping some of the largest agency brands reinvent and build "best in class" Account Planning and Strategy departments. His strategies and experience have supported numerous campaigns that have received Effie, Addy, Pencil, and Lion awards. He has held senior and executive brand strategy and account planning positions with Translation, Grey, M&C Saatchi, Saatchi & Saatchi, and BBDO. He has also worked for BBH, and J. Walter Thompson designing communication and brand strategies for global Masterbrands including Guinness, Red Stripe, Harp, Mountain Dew, Pepsi, Callaway Golf, Converse, Pantene , Oral B, Clairol, CoverGirl, Hugo Boss, Financial Times, Doritos, Travelex, NYSE, Reebok, McDonald’s, Yum! Brands, Target, State Farm, Altoids, Frito-Lay, Gillette, and SABMiller. Previously Chappy worked in capital markets in investment banking and private equity as securities analyst where he specialized in Emerging, Distressed and Alternative Investments. Chappy created the first African American-owned brewing company in 2000, has advised several start-up brands, and has been a guest and panel speaker for industry organizations and the 2009 Clio Awards. He is the founder of Binocular, LLC an ideas production house that currently has 2 of 8 concepts in development. BIO Proven strategic initiatives that yield market success.
  21. 21. THANK YOU