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Poster Development


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Poster Development

  1. 1. Poster Development By Dan, Geoff, Shanel & Toby
  2. 2. This is the original picture taken from the camera.
  3. 3. We selected the area of the image we wanted to work with. This is the selection tool.
  4. 4. We cropped the image to the selected area. We now have the basis of the image for the poster.
  5. 5. Next the image was resized so that it was the same resolution of an A4 page, the size our poster would be printed on.
  6. 6. We next created a new layer where we would write the text onto the poster. We choose the font and size that would most match the genre of the song and poster. Here is the new layer. Here we choose the font and font size
  7. 7. For the lines we again created a new layer. Then drew the two lines underneath each piece of text. The bold line with a thickness of 7 and the fine line with a thickness of 2. Here is the new layer. Here are the two new lines.
  8. 8. The finished poster.