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Ancillary Texts Research - Powerpoint


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Ancillary Texts Research - Powerpoint

  1. 1. Ancillary Texts Research & Planning Album Cover & Poster
  2. 2. Rose Elinor Dougall is a female pop singer like Beth McCord, who's music video we are making. The cover is very bland which helps create an image for the singer, something that will be very important for a new artist like Beth. It is bland in the sense that there is only a black and white picture of her, there is no background to distract the audience away from the picture. The text saying her name is very useful in creating an image because an audience likes being able to put a name to a face. The white background also shows the innocence of youth. Like the album cover above, Avril Lavigne’s follows the same style. This is the plain background, with just the artist on the cover and her name. This is a common theme amongst young female pop artists. I think we need to follow this style for Beth’s album cover as with the genre it is important to follow codes and conventions whilst building up the artists image, where she can then express herself more. Album Cover
  3. 3. Plain/simple Background Only a picture of the artist (Beth McCord) 1 111 2 2 3 22 3 3 3 Have the artists name shown 2 3+ together help create and build and artist’s identity. ROSE ELINOR DOUGALL
  4. 4. Magazine Advert/Poster This is the magazine advert for the album we spoke about in the album cover research. The most obvious thing is how it is virtually identical it is to the album cover. This is because the poster/advert should follow the same codes and conventions as the album cover as they are both trying to sell the same thing, so why be different? Branding: To create some branding and image the poster/advert should be the same as the album cover so that they relate to each other. Which means when an audience sees the album cover after they poster/advert they will automatically associate it with the poster/advert. Therefore there is two events that will help create an image of the artists, if they were not the same then they may not make the link so may not create and image of the artist. What will we do?: We will make our poster/advert the same as our album cover. This is to help branding and creating an image for Beth. We will add some extra text to say that a new album is out.