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V-Ray Artist Spotlight - 03, 2013: Interview with Marek Denko

  1. Artist Spotlight 03 2013 interview with MAREK DENKO
  2. ARTIST SPOTLIGHT MAREK DENKO 03 2013 Marek Denko is a 3D artist from a small town in the Slovak Republic. His love for computer graphics began in 1991 with his Atari 800XL, and in 1995 he discovered 3D Studio R4. After graduating from the Faculty of Civil Engineering at the Brno University of Technology, he and colleague Peter Sanitra cofounded the studio NOEMOTION in Prague. Why 3D Visualization? Since childhood I’ve loved to draw and paint, and then, when secondhand computers arrived in Eastern Europe, I somehow managed to get one. Thanks Mom! Discovering the world of computer graphics was amazing. I started to write code and created my first pixel art on an 8-bit Atari. I started using 3D Studio on my first PC and later moved on to 3ds Max. Despite my studies in civil engineering, 3D became my life path. I started my journey as an enthusiastic amateur and eventually became a full-time 3D artist, running a studio with my friend and cofounder Peter Sanitra.
  3. ARTIST SPOTLIGHT MAREK DENKO 03 2013 What inspires you? I am constantly observing and contemplating, and sometimes an image will just pop into my head. The important part is not to force it and to recognize it when it happens. Life isn’t quite as simple as it once was, so it can be harder to clear my mind, but if something strikes me, I’ll do it! Sometimes I’ll browse the web for inspirational images and save them into my inspiration folder. One time I actually searched for “inspiration” in Google and found an image I loved and used later for a personal project! Eldorado
  4. ARTIST SPOTLIGHT MAREK DENKO 03 2013 Buggy Series: Desert rose
  5. ARTIST SPOTLIGHT MAREK DENKO 03 2013 How does photography influence your work? Generally, I’ll head outside to take photos for reference and textures, and if I happen upon something nice, I’ll take the shot!
  6. ARTIST SPOTLIGHT MAREK DENKO 03 2013 “Hektor is the nickname for this diesel locomotive in Slovakia, and during a recent visit to my hometown, I took a lot of reference photos. I had studied railway construction while I was at University, so this image a tribute to my old friends and professors.” How does V-Ray fit into your workflow, and which features do you use most often? From the moment I started using V-Ray, I’ve never looked back. Typically, I use Linear Workflow, the Irradiance Map and Light Cache for GI, VRayMtls, VRayBlendmtls, Render Elements, and the V-Ray Frame Buffer. I’ve developed a thorough understanding of the DMC sampler settings, and I’m using distributed rendering on daily basis. Having 3ds Max without V-Ray would be like having a car without wheels! Hektor
  7. ARTIST SPOTLIGHT MAREK DENKO 03 2013 Under the southern highway “I’ve tried to capture the way man perceives life as he grows older. As the priorities of everyday life change, he starts to see things he may not have noticed before.”
  8. ARTIST SPOTLIGHT MAREK DENKO 03 2013 “When I moved from Slovakia to Italy, I started to miss the nice, romantic mornings I had experienced while studying in Brno. The air was fresh and cold and sun was so strong and low, you had to squint in order to see anything.” What advice would you give to someone starting in 3D? Work hard every day, and do a little more than your neighbor… success will find you. Street of Memories
  9. ARTIST SPOTLIGHT MAREK DENKO 03 2013 Everything beautiful is far away “This image captures the feeling of being far away from family and friends. Surrounded by strangers in an anonymous airport waiting area amidst a soft, hazy sunset are constant reminders you’re separated from the ones you love.”
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