Why We Can Not Use Arrows & Bows to Manage Our Projects


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This is part 1 of the presentation series that I do for IT Companies to help bring in any changes to their organization.

The main objective of this presentation is to tell the audience that we can NOT use the old Rules & Tools to manage the present work and the workforce of the corporate world.

We need to change our Rules and Tools if need to be more productive and efficiencies a cross the company. The current workforce and the corporate world should be aware that we are in different era and we can NOT use the old Rules and Tools to manage the present work and workforce.

Often, my audiences are IT Companies and I have modified this Presentation to show how to bring about the New Way of doing Project Management.

Part 1 of the Presentation : http://youtu.be/j_QOi7MLfG4

Part 2 of the Presentation :http://youtu.be/Dcrxo5zMJdY

Part 3 of the Presentation: http://youtu.be/NIuMVENT6a0

Part 4 of the Presentation: http://youtu.be/UIj7y7JXhRs

Part 5 of the Presentation: http://youtu.be/7IaZFgAtuzk

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Why We Can Not Use Arrows & Bows to Manage Our Projects

  1. 1. How To KISS Your Project Chandana Perera
  2. 2. According to Alvin Toffler, we are on the “Third Wave” as a Society but at the End of it
  3. 3. Please Watch The Next Slide Video The “First Wave” was Hunting & Gathering Civilization based on Agriculture
  4. 4. Mass Scale Framing - Human Farms Slavery has its own roots even up to the Babylonian Time. It was the part of Business since its inception of Humanity. 12 million Men,Woman & Children brought to US as Slaves, forcefully. They were used in the Cotton, Sugar and other big Industries. Lasted 300 years until Abraham Lincoln ended the Slavery in US
  5. 5. Roots By Alex Haley- 12 Years of Research. It Changed the Minds of US
  6. 6. The “Second Wave” was the Industrial Age. It Started with the Invention of the Steam Engine[1600] - By Alvin Toffler
  7. 7. Era That Your Father’s Father Went To Free School During that era Organization , Business, Factories came into the Society instead of Framing. Free School [Education] System started as Business & Factories demanded disciplined Staff to run the Organizations.
  8. 8. Why Your Ancestors Protested School Systems Framing communities Protested sending Children to ‘Free Schools’ No Children - No Framing Schools were sponsored by the Business as it needs trained staff like You & Me
  9. 9. Do NOT think, You were so Lucky as You had the FREE Education. If NOT, Virtusa or Google may not exist It is a Part of the Big Game & the Rat Race
  10. 10. Every Wave Demanded a New Set of Rules to Govern the Society, Business & Organizations
  11. 11. Alfred Chandler’s “Structure follows Strategy” embraced by the Business Communities as it leads to Maximize the Profit. - Second Wave
  12. 12. Max Weber’s Bureaucracy Theory and Frederick Taylor’s Scientific Management influenced the Industries to implement better SYSTEMS to improve Efficiency and Productivity -> Profit Maximization.
  13. 13. You and I are SYSTEMS Your Entire Body is created with SYSTEMS SYSTEMS becomes the Solution to the Problems SYSTEMS Runs the Business & People Run the SYSTEMS
  14. 14. The Systems Makes Companies Story of McDonanld McDonald’s is a 34 Billion Dollar company operated by kids (what I mean is the restaurant work). How can kids run restaurants? McDonald’s follows a system. Nothings to think just follow the system.
  15. 15. Please Watch The Next Slide Video Ford Factory - Modal T Manufacturing
  16. 16. Software Industry, Our Industry In “Third Wave”
  17. 17. In Search of Software Industry Roots The word "Software" was coined as a Prank as early as 1953. 1960 Software Industry took off rapidly with mass production of PC Microsoft was the role modal for the Software Industry 3/4 of all large Software Products delivered to the customer are failures: Not Used at all, or do not meet the customer’s requirements. The term Software Engineering first appeared in the late 1950s and early 1960s But
  18. 18. Product Manufacturing To Project Management Winston Royce in 1970 Published a Paper on “Managing the Development of Large Software Systems" The paper from which the Waterfall Model for Software Development was Mistakenly Drawn In 1961 he started as a Project Manager in the Aerospace Industry He was influenced by Structured ways of doing things and “SYSTEMS”
  19. 19. Birth of WaterFall Focused was on Manufacturing and Construction Industries. Focused was on Product Management The Process is called : ‘LifeCycle’ or ‘Big Design Up Front-BDUF’ or WaterFall.
  20. 20. Word Wide WaterFall Method Analyzing Planning Design Implantation Control
  21. 21. Water of The WaterFall This involves a lot of Documentation as it takes a longer time to Deliver You many not find Bugs during the verification [Control Stage] The team members may not stay with the project for a long time too :-) If you find the discrepancies earlier in the project, cheaper it is to Manage The motivation to follow this is, if you get the requirement correct and fully initially You have to finish one Phase FULLY before moving into the next Phase.
  22. 22. Please Watch The Next Slide Video WaterFall Works with This Industry : Assembling Boeing Air Plane
  23. 23. Where WaterFall Fits This modal really works well with things does not change fast It is best used for projects where the requirements are clearly stated and static OR With a rigid structure and upfront clear requirements NASA Spacecraft, AirCraft controlling, Plain & Ship Industry and Construction.
  24. 24. Please Watch The Next Slide Video WaterFall Works with This Industry BUT..The First Flight of AirBus A380
  25. 25. AirBus A380 Lessons The aircraft was a collaboration between 16 sites spread across 4 different countries 2-3 Years Delay than Expected Additional USD 6.1 Billion due to Project Delay Lost Revenue by 2010 €4.8 Billion. CEO and Executives were Fired. Wires and their harnesses had been manufactured to specification, but during installation the wires turned out to be too short. German and Spanish designers had used one version of the software (CAD version 4), while British and French teams had upgraded to CAD version 5.
  26. 26. Please Watch The Next Slide Video Failures:WaterFall Software Management
  27. 27. On the 9th October 1969 at the Three Threes Restaurant Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, James R. Snyder and Gordon Davis had dinner discussion and that discussion gave birth to the PMI Institute and WaterFall Process became the Certification for Project Managers.
  28. 28. How Well WaterFall Works “Plan to throw one Implementation away;you will,anyhow” Fred Brooks, Jr [IBM Worker & Turning Award Winner due to Computer Architecture, OS & SE] “Adding manpower to a late software project makes it later." This has since come to be known as the Brooks's law.
  29. 29. Find & Read This Book “The Mythical ManMonth” By Fred Brooks, Jr This Book is about WaterFall Project Management and Software Engineering
  30. 30. Please Watch The Next Slide Video The Summary of WaterFall
  31. 31. Please Watch The Next Slide Video How to Make Sashimi
  32. 32. Sashimi : Raw Fish Sushi “Sashimi” one of first things of the Japanese style of overlapping slices of raw fish commonly enjoyed in Sushi establishments. Sashimi refers to the Japanese hardware development model that comes from Fuji-Xerox.
  33. 33. The sashimi model was originated by Peter DeGrace. It is referred to as the “waterfall model with overlapping phases” or “the waterfall model with feedback”
  34. 34. Zurich Google office ‘Third Wave’ Society Should Find it Own Tools & Rules to Manage Business & Societies as Previous Tools & Rules do NOT work.
  35. 35. Please Watch The Next Slide Video Present Work Force Do NOT Produce Good Results for The Old Tools & Rules
  36. 36. Man Had Goal 1 Million 1 Year
  37. 37. Words of Wisdom “If a problem has NO solution, it may NOT be a problem, but a fact, NOT to be solved But to be coped with over time” - Shimon Peres [Nobel Peace Prize 1994 & 9th Present of Israel]
  38. 38. Exploring New Tools & Rules For The New Era - Just Began