Introduction to communication ppt(film !)


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Homework : Film
20082535 Jeon Chan-Uk

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Introduction to communication ppt(film !)

  1. 1. Film<br />20082535<br />Jeonchanuk<br />
  2. 2. KOREA Film <br />Development <br />Korea Film started in Japanese colonial era. <br />The First Korea a Silent Film is Ariran<br />By made in Na Un-Gyu<br />Advance, Speak Film that called Chunhyangjeon is Created by Lee Peel-Ou<br />After that time, Korea Film begin darkness age. Because of oppressive measure by Japan & Break out 6.25 war<br />At long last, In 1960’s, Korea Film is ‘RE’started with Created film a law<br />The present day, 1960’s age is called A First Prime. Because Many Film is created<br />However, In 1970’s Korea Film begin tough time yet again. The reason is oppressive measure by Dictatorship and Popularization TV<br />But, In 1980’s, Korea Film is development with a Democratic government establish<br />Another reason is that director have free production environment and use fresh subject<br />In 1990’s Korea film producted popular and a low budget Film.<br />More than, Korea Film planted itself in popular media in 2000’s<br />Darkness<br />An<br />Age<br />Chunhyangheon<br />Ariran<br />1960’s<br />Delegate film<br />1970’s<br />1980’s<br />1990’s<br />2000’s<br />
  3. 3. KOREA Film Status<br />Cyborg but O.K<br />AlfredBaur Prize<br />At Berlin Film Festival<br />In 2007<br />Old Boy<br />Jury Grand Prize<br />At Cannes Film Festival<br />In 2004<br />Poem<br />Scenario Prize<br />At Cannes Film Festival<br />In 2010<br />Ha HaHa<br />Noticeable attention Grand Prize<br />At Cannes Film Festival<br />In 2009<br />Korea Film through a rough time. And Cosmopolitanly, Korea Film receive attention little by little. <br />Finally, At the first onset ‘Old Boy’ is First Grand Prize in Cannes Film Festival. Ever since, Korea Film is globally commend <br />
  4. 4. The Film's impact on Korea media 1<br />Drama is used in the movie in a visual way to use from the beginning<br />As the drama scale bigger blockbuster <br />Similar to the feel of the movie saving private RyanScreen<br />
  5. 5. The Film's impact on Korea media 2<br />Re download through share internet site<br />Hit Film<br />The film is made by the book<br />The opposite is also possible<br />Repetitive<br />Be televised<br />It is used as the material of the broadcasting<br />Rating high<br />Other movies in the movie and creates a trend to give<br />People interesting<br />
  6. 6. Korea Film Future<br />World Film trend is concentrated of Visual effects.(ex.Transformer)<br />On the other hand, Korea Film trend is concentrated of story. But step by step , Korea Film start making visual effects film. That first film is D-WAR.<br />But D-WAR is concentrated of Only visual effect. The story is fail.<br />A little later, Surprising Film that called Haeundae is premiere. <br />This Film story and visual effects is very nice.<br />Recently ,World Film trend development of perfect 3D visual effects.<br />Korea also development 3D Film. Naturally Story is basic !! <br />
  7. 7.<br /><br />SOURCES<br />
  8. 8. Thank you<br />