iris worldwide does earth day


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iris worldwide does earth day

  1. 1. 11Confidential © 2014 7/24/20147/24/2014 iris Worldwide Does Earth Day Tuesday April 22 2014
  2. 2. 22Confidential © 2014 THEME FOR EARTH DAY 2014= CITIES As the urban population grows and the effects of climate change worsen, our cities have no choice but to evolve. More than half of the world’s current population lives in cities. By 2050 the UN estimates that will have increased to 75%. There will be 3 BILLION MORE PEOPLE vying for the same limited space… Current models for housing, food, education, transportation, energy and infrastructure will need to be re-imagined to sustain such large numbers of residents and allow them to thrive.. YEAH BUT WHAT CAN WE DO?
  3. 3. 33Confidential © 2014 As an industry, nobody knows brands and how to SHIFT BEHAVIORS better than we do: we’re the experts in taking complex business problems and applying our creativity to influence behavior change on a daily basis. That influence is incredibly powerful and has the potential to make a serious impact on not only our clients’ businesses but also to REIMAGINE THE WAY WE LIVE WORK AND PLAY IN THE CITY WE CALL HOME So what’s getting in our way? A LOT!
  4. 4. 44Confidential © 2014 The tweets. The updates. The FOMO. Technology is amazing and helps us do our jobs and communicate more effectively. But these tools often serve as a distraction – taking our attention away from what’s important. What if we stopped, just for one day, free of any distractions. What could we achieve, solve, create and ideate? LET’S SEE!