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Modal verbs


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This was designed for fun by Johnny

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Modal verbs

  1. 1. Modal Verbs Mr. Khun Channy Norton University
  2. 2. Modal Verbs Forms•Positive: Sub. + Modal Verb +Infinitive without to+...•Negative: Sub. + Modal Verb+ not+Infinitive without to +...•Question: Modal Verb+ Sub. +Infinitive without to + …?•Wh- +Modal Verb + Sub. + Infinitivewithout to + …?
  3. 3. MUST and HAVE TO• You can use MUST to talk about the present or future, but not the past. (Internal obligations)• We must go now.• We must go tomorrow.• You can use HAVE TO in all forms. (External obligations)• I had to go to hospital.• Have you ever had to go to hospital?• I might have to go to hospital.
  4. 4. MUSTN’T and DON’T HAVE TO are completely different.• You mustn’t do something. = It is necessary that you do NOT do it (so, DON’T do it)• You must keep it a secret. You mustn’t tell anyone.• You don’t have to do something. = You don’t need to do it (but you can if you want).• You can tell me if you want but you don’t have to tell me.
  5. 5. MUST / MUSTN’T / NEEDN’T• You must do something. = It is necessary that you do it.• You mustn’t do something. = It is necessary that you do not do it.• You needn’t do something. = It is not necessary that you do it, you don’t need to do it.
  6. 6. NEEDN’T and DON’T NEED TO• Instead of needn’t, you can use don’t/doesn’t need to. So you can say:• We needn’t hurry. or• We don’t need to hurry.• Needn’t and don’t need to are similar to don’t have to: We don’t have to hurry.
  7. 7. SHOULD• You should do something. = It is a good thing to do or the right thing to do. You can use should to give advice or to give an opinion.• We often use should with I think/• I don’t think/Do you think…?
  8. 8. SHOULDN’T• You shouldn’t do something. = It isn’t a good thing to do.Example:• You shouldn’t believe everything you read in the newspapers.
  9. 9. Thanks For Paying Attention! Welcome to Questions….