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HTML5 in Korea (2010)

HTML5 in Korea activities

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HTML5 in Korea (2010)

  1. 1. HTML5 in Korea Channy Yun Mozilla Korea Community Hello, This is Channy Yun in Mozilla Korea Community. I'm very glad to here with many Japanese developers. In this time, I want to talk about attitude of web developers about HTML5 and introduce HTML5 activities in Korea.
  2. 2. About me I lived in the beatufiful Jeju island in Korea as like Okinawa in Japan. My first job was web developer in 15 years ago and now I'm working for Daum, the 2nd largest Korean internet company as a technical evangelst of Open APIs for supporting third-party web developers. Jeju island
  3. 3. Community-driven activites My partime job has been blogger, especially web technologies and trends, Mozilla Korean localizer and community suppoter, Web stanrdards evangelist. Mozilla Blogger Web Standards
  4. 4. A Friend of Web Developers So I really want to be a friend of web developer in Korea
  5. 5. Attitude for HTML5 But, many web developers confused for emerging HTML5 technologies especially flash developers. So I want to talk about why HTML5 is important for web developers in the first.
  6. 6. 1995 2010 2000 2005 HTML5 As you know, HTML finished in 1998 and there is the gap of 10 years. In browser war, web developers were suffered with non-standard technology. A small girl was web developers like “YOU”. But, there was new trend of Web 2.0 buzz, web as a platform and Ajax, web as an application platform.
  7. 7. 2005 In that time, minor browser vendors initialized open based Web Hypertext Technology workging group to make new standards with volunteers in web developers to support both web document and web application. They wanted to make open specification joining many people. WHATWG Web Hypertext Application Technology Working Group
  8. 8. OF the web developer BY the web developer FOR the web developer Acutally in final chapter of W3C HTML5 specs, there is "Acknowledgement" section. As you see, there are many names over 600 web developers. My name is also here. But, my contribution was very small just to change one example code in spec. It means HTML5 major specs was made by web developers like you from 2005 to 2006.
  9. 9. Peace of Mind - HTML5 Please keep in your mind that HTML5 was made by web developer for their peace of mind.
  10. 10. 2005 2010 But, in Korea In Korea, Internet Explorer is still dominant browser and Firefox and Safari has been increased by choice of power users. HTML5 is not popular yet.
  11. 11. Just ONE year in mobile iOS – 1.5 millions Android – 3 millions But, there were very big changes in mobile web. In one year ago, iPhone was released and many Android phones are followed.
  12. 12. HTML5 Buzz Because of HTML5 advocation on mobile web development by Google and Apple
  13. 13. What's HTML5? Many Korean web developers are also confused.
  14. 14. HTML5 Open Conference on July Over 700 web developers within 12 hours So Korean web standards community prepared open conference on July and we surprised Sold out 700 seats within 12 hours.
  15. 15. Free Guide and Video Also we made 300 pages free HTML5 guidebook. And we gave the printed-book to them and share five lecture videos with creative commons license.
  16. 16. Published Books There are several HTML5 books and more things are prepared.
  17. 17. Japanese Writers Fotunetely two Japanese books are translated into Korean. HTML5 & API 入門 徹底解説 HTML5 マークアップガイドブック
  18. 18. CSSNiTE in Seoul They gave a lecture in CSSNiTE Seoul events. It's very good changes for communication between Korean and Japanese web developers.
  19. 19. Web Standards Community In Korea there are several web standards communities. One of them has over 10,000 members.
  20. 20. HTML5 Community But, new HTML5 communities are made too. In November, W3C's HTML Korea Interest Group is started as like Japan. It shows HTML5 is very active in Korea right now.
  21. 21. Mozilla Hacks Korea http:// Also Mozilla Korea community made Mozilla Hack Korean version in early this year. Eight volunteers have translated blog articles about HTML5 impletation on Mozilla.
  22. 22. Spread the Word! I think HTML5 is good opportunity for web developers. If you spreads the word, it will be relized. Be Realized!
  23. 23. Thank you for listening! Twitter: @channyun [email_address]