The magic of movies chanice corcoran


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The magic of movies chanice corcoran

  1. 1. The Magic of MoviesPLAN: What makes a movie magic ? -director -screenwriter -actor - How oblivious we are to this How are movies magic? - They affect our lives - have a huge impact on the descions we make in our lives Screenwriter: - write script - core/main body of film production - triggers the emotions of viewers Director: - composes a film with a camera - directs the actors - decides the location of camera operators Actor: - storyteller - emotions and feelings - more enthusiast with their role results in a magical movie.
  2. 2. The Magic of Movies TY – Síocháin We have all watched various different movies and are taken awayby a movie experience , some of which can change peoples lives. We aresometimes flabbergasted by the whole movie experience , we want to be inthe movie and we pretend that we are one of the characters in the movie.We want our lives to be exactly how they are in movies. Other times wechange our outlook on life and view our own lives in a different perspective. Movies trigger all sorts of emotions. It is not coincidental when amovie about speed and cars comes out , like ‘Herbie: Fully loaded’ thatspeeding tickets rise. People get so mesmerized by the movie that they mayforget that they are not actually living in the movie. There are many differentaspects in the creation of a movie. With the perfect director , actors andstoryline , a magical movie can be constructed. Movies are a great test of creativity , but people often do not see theart in a movie. We are oblivious as to how movies are made magic.Wesee the basic job of a screenwriter , director etc. but, what we do not see ishow every screenwriter , director and actor contributes to the ‘magic’making of a movie. I will highlight three aspects in the process of film making,the screen writer , director and the actor. Each of which play a vital part inmaking a movie ‘magic’.
  3. 3. The screenwriter writes the script for a movie. They fabricate the dialogue , thecharacters and the story line of the script. In my opinion I believe that the screenwriter isthe core of the whole movie because without a form of script a movie would be impossibleto make. Screenwrites often specialize in a particular genre , for example , comedy writerswrite comedy , drama writers write drama so on and so forth. To be a screenwriter youmust be extremely skillful at weaving together essentials within plot and dialogue. It is thescreenwriters work that allows directors , producers , actors and executives to do their jobs. The screenwriter portreys different emotions through each individual characterand develops a script based on many relatable issues to the viewer. This intrigues theviewer and sometimes pulls on their heart strings. When a movie is this powerful , as to tugon peoples heart strings you know that it has fulfilled its goal of creating a magicalatmosphere. A film director is a person who directs the actors and film crew in filmmaking.They control a films artistic and dramatic aspects, while guiding the technical crew andactors. The director is in charge of taking the script and telling the storyboarders how todraw out the important scenes of a film. He then directs the actors on how to play out ascene, telling the camera operators where to be and how a certain shot should look. Afterthe filming process is over, a director works with the editors of the film who take the film ordigital media and transfer it to a computer on an editing software. Here he selects the bestscenes shot and compiles them to make a movie. Then music is added in under thedirectors consent and the movie is made. A director composes a film with a camera, and as such has significant control overwhat we experience in viewing a film and how we react to what we see. With the camera,
  4. 4. the film’s story is told through images and sound, making your engagement with film atruely audiovisual experience. These concepts combined , create an unforgetableexperience and add to the magic of movies. Actors are storytellers. They help invision the screenwriter’s storyline. Actorsspend a lot of time auditioning for roles, memorizing lines, rehearsing and performing.Actors need to be able to play different characters depending on the script and the role theyget cast in. Sometimes it will be a big role called a lead or starring role, while other timesthe role may have fewer lines and less camera time. The actor brings to life the characters within a story and help to cleeply depictemotions and feelings of characters. A movie actor portrays different characters in films.His role may require him to be humorous, serious or a combination of the two. Tone iscrucial, aas is a character’s body language and appearance,which can say a great deal to usabout what motivates them on screen. Facial expression , eye contact, gestures and postureprovide significant accompaniment to dialogue and are oftern used to emphasise or clarifya character’s thoughts or feelings. On a whole the way in which the actor acts can make amovie either awful or magical. The more enthusiastic they are about their role the moremagic the movie will be. As you can see there are many elements that contribute to the magic of amovie. No matter how big or small the role is , they all result in a spectacular movieproduction. There are many factors behind the scenes that the viewers do not see thatmake wacthing movies so enjoyable.