[Secured profit] amyk (для office 97 2003 на всякий случай)


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[Secured profit] amyk (для office 97 2003 на всякий случай)

  1. 2. <ul><li>Increasing the citizens financial activity and competence; </li></ul><ul><li>Development of respective services oriented on the population involvement in the economic turnover and on increasing of banking services’ sales; </li></ul><ul><li>Implementing of ideas of financial instrument usage activation, innovation channels of financial service promotion. </li></ul>Moscow, St. Peterburg, Novosibirsk (see APX1, Table 7 ). It’s reasonably to develop IFC centers in several cities at he same time, to make them as Regional FCs. It could be also St. Petersburg (71th in the GFCI rating), Novosibirsk (3 rd city in Russia by population rate; one of the main oil centers), where specialized exchange could be organized). Development of financial and funding markets: Large-scale companies of CIS should be included in bidding process on RTS and MICEX with the help of Depository Receipts. Then, the Bank of Moscow should initiate large venture and investment funds in order to support science development and city’s infrastructure (e.g. Skolkovo); Increasing the citizens financial competence: Could be achieved by publishing a magazine of the Bank of Moscow, making financial TV-shows, organizing seminars, media opportunities of social networks – Facebook, Vkontakte – and YouTube service (id est.: entertaining videos and commercials); Legal initiatives (in order to fulfill duties of the participant of IFC’s round work table): Establishing of the lower rate for foreign companies dividends’ taxing (from 15% to 12%); Establishing of terms for each type of derivatives (options, futures, etc.) in the Tax Code (articles 214.1, 214.4, 220.1 ). Besides trading of shares and obligations, it’s vital to develop raw material markets, derivatives’ market.
  2. 3. In order to assist in creation of IFC, the bank of Moscow should reorganize: Source: TKS Source: raexpert.ru <ul><li>Implementing of the service “Personal study” with the just-login-and-password system (APX3, Table 11); </li></ul><ul><li>Providing full details of an account for expenses and income (with groups dividing); </li></ul><ul><li>Increasing of the BM’s site function level by adding links to insurance and pension fund services; </li></ul><ul><li>Implementing of MLM-marketing technology in order to increase citizen financial competence ( APX2, Table 10 ). </li></ul>
  3. 4. FDU Life-insurance In order to achieve higher market share and bring new trends for IFC development the Bank of Moscow should follow: Source: GKS.ru Source: GKS.ru
  4. 5. Thus, there are lots of opportunities for the Bank of Moscow to implement, that vary from local to global ones. So, with the help of measures, listed previously, problems with weaknesses could be solved in period of less than 5 years. Of course, the Bank of Moscow should avoid threats from its competitors: there are several advantages, which include full range of financial products (such as leasing of all kinds, lacks in internet service; lack of subsidiary for life-insurance, etc.
  5. 6. Source: GKS.ru Source: Business case of the Bank of Moscow As a result, we could expect next acceleration in foreign investments’ rising: There could be some conclusions. It’s obvious to suppose, how powerful the effect of implenting IFC strategy will be. It’s of significant importance both for the Bank of Moscow and Russia and all its financial organiztions. Source: GKS.ru
  6. 8. Initiation of IFC creation means large capitals movements all over the world. Russia is rich of natural recourses and it’ll be usefull to take an advantage by launching niche financial stock exchange in some other cities like Novosibirsc , Tyumen and other ones. Choice has been done among a few cities by such criteria like: GRP, geographic location, logistic analysis. As a result two cities were chosen: St.Petersburg , Novosibirsc , that could become a RFC in the nearest future. St.Petersburg could be described as the 5-th economy among regions of Russia in GRP value (in 2008). The value of GRP of St.Petersburg in 2008 year was 1,42 trillion rubles. It’s economy is based on industry and tourism. In 2011 GRP will achieve 2,413 trillion rubles as it’s predicted. Novosibirsc’s base of economy is defined by enterprises of metal industry, mechanical engineering, food and electric utilities industries. More than 80% of industrial production of the city falls on 194 large organizations. Non-ferrous metallurgy is presented by the monopolist of the tin production industry - “Novosibirsc tin plant”. It is the largest tin producer in CIS. According to the television station RBC, Novosibirsk took the third place in 2008 in the list of the cities of Russia, which is the most attractive to business. One of important aspects in choosing Novosibirsc as a city for resource’s stock exchange location - is the nearest location of Tyumen city, that is also the largest industrial centre. Here is the oil and gas center. There are different headquarters of large-scale Russian and foreign enterprises, such as Gazprom, Lykoil, TNK-BP, Transneft, Gazturboservice, Integra, etc.     Source: Cnews.ru
  7. 9. As a result, we could expect next acceleration in foreign investments’ rising: Source: finlearn.ru Source: Changellenge Cup, Appendix 10 analysis Source: nig.ru Source: CNews
  8. 10. Source: CNews Source: rating.openstat.ru