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Maaa solution


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Maaa solution

  1. 1.
  2. 2. Executive Summary<br />1<br />2<br />3<br />4<br />Principle<br />Description<br /><ul><li>Primarily focus on these industries due to their high competitiveness:
  3. 3. Energy
  4. 4. Machinery & equipment
  5. 5. Retail chains
  6. 6. Food manufactures
  7. 7. Chemical & Petrochemical sector</li></ul>What industries to enter in Russia? <br /><ul><li>Initial stage:
  8. 8. Process Optimization, Innovation & Supply Chain
  9. 9. Resource Organization & Talent , Finance & Performance
  10. 10. Later stage:
  11. 11. Customer Relationship
  12. 12. Strategy</li></ul>What services to sell in Russia?<br /><ul><li>3 large waves of HR recruitments due to new services & industries initiatives
  13. 13. Recruitment strategy:
  14. 14. Competitors hires (IBM, SAP, E&Y, PwC, Deloitte, Strategy Partners. etc)
  15. 15. Industry specialists (Energy, Manufacturing, FMCG & others)
  16. 16. University graduates (SU-HSE, MSU, MSTU, MIPT, MGIVO & regional univ.)</li></ul>Who is going to perform the projects?<br /><ul><li>Instant & short term:
  17. 17. International clients’ Russian branches/subsidiaries
  18. 18. Sponsorship of professional contests and business cases
  19. 19. Low price pilot projects for long-term relationships
  20. 20. Mid & long term:
  21. 21. Government order projects
  22. 22. Accenture’s business magazine
  23. 23. Educational programs (for graduates & inters)</li></ul>How to attract clients in Russia? <br />2<br />
  24. 24. 3<br />Accenture should focus on several highly competitive sectors to improve client’s business<br />M&A deal value, in mln USD**<br />Herfindahl-Hirschman Index of Russian industries*<br />Creation of larger (increased deal value) companies though M&A will support the need for operational projects<br />CAGR ~ 25%<br />n/a<br />Initial industries for Accenture’s successful entry<br /><ul><li>Accenture should enter Russian market by focusing on highly competitive industries with HHI index less than 15% in order to market its operational consulting services by improving clients business processes
  25. 25. Accenture should focus on:Energy, Machinery, Retail, Food and Chemical & Petrochemical sectors</li></ul>Highly competitive markets<br />Current focus of Accenture<br />* HHI calculation can be found in xls attachment files. <br />**VestnikChelyabisnk University 2009<br />3<br />
  26. 26. Functional Office Structure of Accenture should be separated into six project portfolios (only 3 at start)<br />4<br />Finance & Performance <br />Customer Relationship<br />Process Optimization & Innovation<br />Resource Organization & Talent<br />Supply Chain<br />Strategy <br /><ul><li>Organization, Automatization, Synchronization of Business Processes—Principally Sales Activities
  27. 27. Marketing, Customer Service & Technical Support Excellence
  28. 28. Client Experience
  29. 29. Marketing and Selling Information
  30. 30. Business Processes and Metrics &Benchmarking
  31. 31. Finance Process Excellence
  32. 32. Enterprise Analytics Diagnostic
  33. 33. Strategy Consulting & Business Intelligence Modeling
  34. 34. Rebranding consulting services
  35. 35. Change Mgmt.
  36. 36. Human Capital & Organization Effectiveness
  37. 37. HR & Talent Mgmt.
  38. 38. Learning and Collaboration
  39. 39. Fulfillment
  40. 40. Manufacturing
  41. 41. Sourcing & Procurement
  42. 42. Product Innovation
  43. 43. Product Lifecycle & Service Mgmt.
  44. 44. Strategic Planning Services
  45. 45. Complexity Mgmt.
  46. 46. Lean Six Sigma & Transformation
  47. 47. Process Transformation
  48. 48. Business Process Lifecycle Mgmt.
  49. 49. Value Realization
  50. 50. Portfolio Mgmt.& Valuation</li></ul>Practices (Project Portfolios1,2)<br />Management Consulting<br />2010<br />2010<br />2014<br />2010<br />2014<br />2016<br />Long-term<br />Mid-term<br />Short-term<br />2020 revenue projection3, USD <br />Target profit margin, %<br />For short-term expansion on Russian market Processes Optimization & Innovation, Supply Chain and Talent & Organization are the most prospective practices due to global ACN experience and developed strategy consulting market in Russia.<br />To grow to a $100 million MC business in terms of revenue by 2020:<br /><ul><li>40-50% - target project margin profit
  51. 51. 12projects in 2011 to 159 projects in 2020 (see the Project execution forecast attached) </li></ul>Pilot projects<br />1Changellenge 1stRound Case Materials<br />2 Accenture Internet Web Site <br />
  52. 52. To win, Accenture must create a strong team within three waves of recruitment with over 200 employees by 2020<br />How to attract employees on competitive HR market<br />Required consulting staff<br />Agents<br />University Recruiting     Referral - Employee  Internet (Non-Accenture Websites)<br />Accenture & Its Subsidiary Websites      <br />30%<br />25%<br />15%<br />15%<br />15%<br />Expatriates<br />Hires from competitors<br />Industry specialists <br />+ Undergraduates *<br />+ University graduates<br />14<br />Planned new hires structure <br />* Accenture is interested in attracting talented, <br />ambitious university graduates and graduates (potential high-value creators) in order to maintain long-term growth rates, use young professionals’ potential and skills and create positive company image<br />5<br />** Data from monitoring of Graduate Recruitment in 2007/2008 year;<br />*** “Managers-expates: pros and cons” (Voroshilova Olga, Cornerstone head-hunting company)<br />
  53. 53. 6<br />Creation of powerful marketing strategy is one of the key success points to achieve dominant position<br />Long-term<br />Mid-term<br />Short-term<br />Instant actions<br />
  54. 54. 7<br />APPENDIX<br />
  55. 55. 8<br />Appendix. 1Herfindahl-Hirschman Index calculation <br />HHI 2020 = HHI 2009 *(1+CAGR06-09)11<br />All of the companies have revenues higher than 300M USD and are possible clients for international management consulting company<br />For more detail on calculation of HHI index please refer to the attachments .xls files.<br />
  56. 56. 9<br />Appendix. 2Financial model forecast<br />Target revenue<br />Profit<br />For detailed analysis of formulas and calculations please see the attachment xls files<br />
  57. 57. 10<br />Questions & Answers<br />During the past week our team has conducted several interviews with analysts, consultants and managers from different consulting firm’s in Russia. We have also considered a lot of surveys and market researches.<br />Thank you for your attention, we will be glad to answer your questions if there are any…<br />Team Quants<br />Anton UvarovMIPT<br />+7 9262067034<br /><br />Maria Fay<br />HSE<br />+7 916 306-47-19<br /><br />Anton FedorovMIPT<br />+7 915 108 4941<br /><br />Anna Yastrebova MSU<br />+7 985 447 2089<br /><br />