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Clr relax-rela


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Clr relax-rela

  1. 1. INMARKO’SBETTER NETWORK Roman Kulikov Eugene Kostrikov Liudmila Kobzeva Alexander Kucin X - factor
  2. 2. Problem, aims and solutions/Supply & Demand Assumption Aims • Amend the existing • Inappropriate system of delivering 1 liter=0.75 kg* system of the goods • Change the logistics distribution • Create a modern • Optimize the one distribution system Problem Solutions * **Appendix Excel Estimated Demand *** Neglecting seasonal changes Our Supply Estimated Demand on Our Production in 2014 Location of the Plants Omsk Tula (tones)** Orientation Siberia, the Far Southern, Northwest, North-West 16487,5 East, Kazakhstan Central, North-Caucasus Time Period Central*** 45464,3 2011 After 2014 2011 By 2014 Production 27.6 hundred 75 hundred 41.4 ths tones South*** 17968,7 90 ths. tones tones tones North- 50 hundred 50% 45 ths tones 10061,5 Potential tones expansion 150 ths tones Caucasus*** 20,000 Warehouse pallets 40 ths pallets Total 90000
  3. 3. Modern Network of Distributors in 2014 (App Excel Distributors + Network)Inmarko’s 15 311 771 rub. Inmarko’s 2 5889 922 rub.profit profitDistributors’ 52 460 673 rub. Distributors’ 117 700 383 rub.bonus bonusRetail value- 186 713 293 rub. Retail value- 320 484 783 rub.COGS COGSArktika Regions: St. Petersburg, Pskov Inmarko’s profit 38 601 632 rub. Capacity: 10 000 pallets Santa (S+NC) Regions: Krasnodar, (Inmarko uses: 4651) Distributors’ bonus 160 331 684 rub. Stavropol, CherkeskAlfa and Beta Regions: Vologda, Novgorod Retail value-COGS 513 906 195 rub. Capacity: 8500 pallets Capacity: 4 340 pallets (Inmarko uses: 7753) (Inmarko uses: 1215) Central ID Regions: Orel, Kursk, Belgorod, Antares Regions: Elista, Rostov-na-Led Regions: Vologda, Novgorod Voronez, Lipetsk Donu, Astrakhan Capacity: 4 340 pallets Capacity: 17000 pallets Capacity: 9200 pallets (Inmarko uses: 1215) (Inmarko uses 3650) (Inmarko uses: 3220)Sever Kholod Regions: The Republic of CLK Regions: Ivanovo, Vladimir, Moscow Capacity: 17000 pallets Distributor 18 Regions: Volgograd, Komi Astrakhan (Inmarko uses 9792) Capacity: 1500 pallets Capacity: 4000 pallets (Inmarko uses: 628) Distributor 10 Regions: Moscow, Yaroslavl, (Inmarko uses: 1507) Vladimir, Ivanovo Capacity: 9000 pallets (Inmarko uses 1316) Snezok Regions: Smolenskm Bryansk Kaluga Capacity: 6000 pallets (Inmarko uses 1719) Ice Regions: Moscow, Yaroslavl, Tver Capacity: 9500 pallets (Inmarko uses 1729) Logistic+ Regions: Ryazan, Tambov Capacity: 4500 pallets (Inmarko uses 1179) The proposed system of distributors will prove to be effective though in some regions the creation of our own network will definitely be more appropriate.
  4. 4. Creation of Inmarko’s system of representation Cashflow Model of Due to the specifics of demand (consumers in North-West prefer buying ice cream in shops while in other regions the system of kiosks is likely to Mixed System (in be extremely profitable) and the area itself (North-Caucasus is the region of certain spheres of influence) as well as the efficiency of the work of our mln. rub) distributors in North-West and North-Caucasus we advice to create the sphere of manufacturer’s influences in the Central and South regions.16000 (App Excel Costs of Mixed System + Cashflow Model of Mixed System)1400012000 Demand seasonality in the south region demand seasonality may change in 5-16 times. In this connection we suggest we increase the number of10000 tropical chests, which will be places on the streets in city centers and along the main streets of resorts meeting growth of demand. 8000 Unfortunately it’s impossible to calculate the required number of chests 6000 without additional analysis of the floss of tourists and movements of people within the city. 4000 2000 Sales Channels 0 Modern Trade Traditional Trade Central South Preferable sales channel in the South, North Caucasus and partly Central. Gross investments Preferable sales channel in the North West region. The system is appropriate for As far as the equipment is concerned, in the Central part the ordinary chests are the Central region as well. High enough. Thus the costs will not be high. Annual Labour costs proportion of ice cream purchasing in However, in the other two the shops and supermarkets as well as the investments will be noticeable. In Annual storage costs current trend in the growing of this additional in every regional centre of segment of retail will contribute to our central and south regions we suggest profit margin. constructing kiosks in the certain amount Transportation costs per 1 sq. km. (App Excel Number of Kiosks) Profit excluding Investments
  5. 5. New Solutions • The establishing of kiosks of modern type will attract new customers, thus increasing the revenueNew Kiosks • Special kiosks are more appropriate for uploading ice cream • The cost of one kiosk will not exceed 250 000 rub, which allows to place a few of them in city centers • According to the survey, conducted by us among 105 students between 14-25 year old (App Excel Survey Results), special ice cream vans, shown in American and European Ice Cream movies will attract at least 40% of additional customers of kiosks • Cost of van is base (the most expensive are Mercedes Sprinter and Ford Transit though Vans GAZ 3302 is also appropriate) plus alterations • The price of a car is 700 000-2 000 000 rub • Vehicle capacity of 20-feet container is 21 950 kg • Temperature: down to −35 CRefrigerator • Producers: Carrier Transcold, ThermoKing, Daikin, Sabroe, Mitsubishi, SeacoldContainers • Trailer truck for containers is assumed to be less expensive than refrigerator trucks • Refrigerator containers can be stored in ordinary warehouses which may considerably cut the costs • 5-wagon complex БМЗ has vehicle capacity of 160-200 tones (one wagon – 46-49 tones)Refrigerator • Temperature: down to -50 C • Calculating the costs is impossible as the cost of rent of the wagons is not revealed by Wagons Refservice. However, the astonishing vehicle capacity and the scale of the railway system in the European part of the Russian Federation makes assume that this method of delivery will be quite profitable
  6. 6. ConclusionSo, the system consists of the elements in four regions.North-West Central South North-Caucasus• The logistic system is • With a warehouse of 40 • South is an ideal • The region is highly presented by the 000 pallets in Tula in opportunity for us to risky in terms of security network of distributors 2014 we are able to establish our own we suggest not who are able to deal with distribute ice cream in network of kiosks and establishing our own the increased amount of the region without strengthening our network and continue production. We consider resorting to distributors positions in the region working with Modern trade to be the • Modern Trade coverage • Ice cream vans and vivid distributors heart of this system will be effected through tropical chests are likely• Besides, we leave Key Accouts to attract attention of relations with Key • Though, Traditional tourists and increase Accounts as they are Trade is still important impulse consumption now. This step proves and its contribution will • We suggest using effective as people buy even be greater thanks refrigerator wagon for ice cream mostly for to a widespread system transportation of ice home consumption of kiosk in every cream as it proves to be regional centre less expensive than a truck