How to get started in InfoSec ?

May. 15, 2019

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How to get started in InfoSec ?

  1. How to get started in InfoSec ? Chandrapal Badshah
  2. About Me Chandrapal Badshah Security Researcher Open Source Enthusiast Twitter : @bnchandrapal Website :
  3. Let’s start with introduction
  4. Myths in InfoSec
  5. People should be highly talented to get into InfoSec Thousands and thousands of children display exceptional skill and talent in some field, yet relatively few of them ever amount to anything, whereas those who are less brilliant in their youth can often attain much more. “ ”
  6. Overnight success
  7. I cannot learn something in InfoSec Do not think that what is hard for you to master is humanly impossible. And if it is humanly possible, consider it to be within your reach. - Marcus Aurelius
  8. Facts to understand
  9. Everyone is unique ● Different background ● Different mindsets ● Different perspectives
  10. Security is not just a job, it’s a craft Think of it like an art of cutting diamonds
  11. Free for students
  12. GitHub Education Pack much more...
  13. Free for Everyone
  14. Free for Dev
  15. Discount for Student Dev
  16. GitHub / Gitlab pages Host your website for free
  17. Internship / Coding programs
  18. Google Summer of Code
  19. How to get started in InfoSec ? Answers to upcoming questions will show you how to start in InfoSec
  20. What are your qualities ? ● Do you have writing skills ? ● Can you code ? ● Can you collaborate with others ?
  21. What part of InfoSec are you interested in ? ● Offense or defense ? ● Reverse Engineering ? ● IoT ? ● Webapp ? ● Mobile app ?
  22. Why do you like it ? Write down 5 points on why you like it
  23. If you don’t love security, you will burn out soon even if you have access to the best resources.
  24. Did you check out other domains in InfoSec ?
  25. You might find something interesting at
  26. Tips to get started in InfoSec ● Have a mentor. ● Create content. Blog posts, videos, podcasts, etc ● Have a LinkedIn profile ● Try to learn coding ● Never take rejections personal
  27. Activities to perform ● Create GitHub account, choose a Jekyll template and host your own GitHub page ● Create LinkedIn account
  28. How to excel in InfoSec ? ● Try to gain knowledge in other domains as well ● Stand on the shoulders of giants ● Apprenticeship ● Active experimentation
  29. Recap ● Understood about ourselves with help of some questions ● Saw the different free resources for students and dev ● Understood why we wanted to get started in security ● Had a look into different branches of InfoSec ● Created LinkedIn profile & GitHub pages profile ● You have started in a field in security, now lets create some content
  30. Thank You