Is work a tiresome activity - chandramowly


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Is work a tiresome activity - chandramowly

  1. 1. Is work a tiresome activity?Is work a tiresome activity? ChandramowlyChandramowly
  2. 2. • Rocks won’t feel, think or move. Plants feel but cannot think or move. • Animals, feel, can move and may not think beyond sensual impulses. They are bound by the forces of sleep, food, fear and procreation. • The crown of evolution chain is the human who can think, discriminate, judge and decide which is better for him.
  3. 3. In a further evolution, a human goes on expanding his orbit from individual, family, locality, society, other living beings and finally the world as whole and beyond.
  4. 4. Discriminated Vision, Effort to focus on an activity, ensuring to put in self as a whole, merging, the body, mind, intellect and consciousness, the four intrinsic personalities is the process for human success.
  5. 5. Great joy and happiness is a result of human activity, where all our inner personalities are holistically applied. Body, Mind, Intellect and Conscious are the personalities of our Physical, Intellectual, Emotional and Spatial domains.
  6. 6. One may not eat a sweet offered with disrespect, though it is welcomed by the taste buds, felt by the mind, approved by the intellect. But, the subtlest personality factor, consciousness or ego rejects it. Involvement, holistic application of all the four personalities results in best satisfaction. The work that gets our whole involvement, combining all our intrinsic personalities can only give us maximum happiness in the external word. Physical, Intellectual, EmotionalPhysical, Intellectual, Emotional and Spatial domainsand Spatial domains
  7. 7. What about experience of the happiness in our internal world? It is the state of sleep. It perfectly blends all the four personalities and unifies us with the cosmic force thus temporarily removing our identity of body, mind, intellect and awareness of senses.
  8. 8. We are born, built and being here for work. Work is the natural phenomena of nature. There is movement in Sun, Moon, Stars or Planets. There is movement in a seed which grows to plant, from stems to branches, leaves to flowers and all is well interconnected from roots to fruits. All the movement and actions of nature, be it sunrise, sunset, flowering, change of seasons happens silently. And with no expectation of reward or recognition!
  9. 9. So is our internal body system. It which works continuously. Heart, lungs, blood flow, digestion, birth and death of cells etc., the signs of life, pulsates in all our three states: waking, dreaming and deep sleep.
  10. 10. When the body is at rest on chair or on bed, the mind wonders, thoughts prop up; intellect sieves, choosing ways fulfil desires. Desires drive action organs to talk, write, walk or perform activities. Stoppage of all activities is possible only in three states: Sleep, Deeper Meditation and Death.
  11. 11. Is your work tiresome? As the saying goes, work is the insignia of life. Let us ensure to integrate our four personalities in whatever we do, to put in our best and leave the rest.
  12. 12. Competency Architecture Leadership Development Building Value Based Competencies -a blend of Eastern Wisdom and Western Strategy