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Presentation ON LEVI'S

  2. 2. HISTORYLevi Strauss & Co. (LS&CO) is a privately held American clothing companyknown worldwide as Levi’s.It was founded in the year 1853.In 1873 Levi Strauss and tailor Jacob Davis received a U.S. Patent to makethe first riveted mens work pants out of denim.In 1902 Levi Strauss dies at the age of 73. His nephews take over thebusiness and run the business.In 1906 The San Francisco earthquake and fire destroys the headquartersand factories of Levi Strauss & Co.
  3. 3. CONTINUEDIn 1943 TheArcuatestitchingdesign isregisteredas atrademark.In 1954 Azipperedversion ofthe overallsisintroducedand named501ZIn 1966The firsttelevisioncommercial for Levi’sjeans isaired.In 2002, LeviStrauss began aclose businesscollaborationwith Wal-Mart,producing aspecial line of"Signature" jeansand other clothesfor exclusive salein Wal-Martstores until 2006
  4. 4. Mission of LEVI’SPeople love and trust ourcompany.We will market and distributethemost appealing and widelyavailable.Our products define quality,style and function.We will clothe the world .
  5. 5. “Quality Never Goes Out Of Style “Levi’s
  6. 6. TODAYS SCANARIOLevi Strauss & Co. (LS&CO.), one of the worlds largestapparel manufacturer brandSold in over 110 countries, in more than 55,000 retaillocations worldwideManufactures jeans in approximately 108 sizes and 20finish fabrics3 Brand Portfolio - Levi’s ®, Dockers ® & Levi’s StraussSignature®
  7. 7. Cont,,,,,,,,,,,,Key people:Richard L.KauffmanChairman ofthe BoardR. JohnAnderson,President andCEORevenue US$5.2 billion (FY2011)employees16,800 (FY2011)Levi’s providesa wide range ofproducts thattarget differentmarketsegments,capturingdemandsPositioned as awell respectedFortune 500enterprise
  8. 8. Products Description DistributionchannelRetail priceLevi’s Vintage Clothingand the Levi’s RedSmall group of premium topsand bottoms that were basedon key heritage styles withpremium fabricsHigh end specialty stores Bottoms: Over $100Levi’s Premium Red Tab Variations of Levi’s Red Tabproducts with changes tofabrics and finishesSpecialty storesIndependent shopsOriginal Levi’s storesBottoms: between $50and $100Levi’s Engineered Jeans Group of tops and bottoms thatwere engineered for specialmobilitySpecialty storesIndependent shopsOriginal Levi’s storesBottoms: between $50and &80Levi’s Red TabLevi’s Silver TabThe core of the Levi’s brand incl.the classic 501 button-fly jeanas well as a series of modelsfeaturing slim, baggy, straightleg fitsDepartmental storesChain storesIndependent shopsOriginal Levi’s storesBottoms: between $30and $50Bottoms:Between $25 and $50Other Levi’s product Incl. all other products as shirts,t-shirts bags, belts, footwearetc.Departmental storesIndependent shopsOriginal Levi’s storesAll price rangesdepending on productcategoryPromotional strategy:
  9. 9. Target market:Upper class & Upper middleclass and middle classTarget CustomerYounger generation,Male, Female.
  10. 10. STRATEGIES• In 2002, Levi’s brand was rated as the No. 1 brand for brandawareness and brand retention. The company frequently promoted music & theatricalproductions- Sponsored artists incl. Christina , Mariah Carey, Ben Folds Five,The White Stripes etc.Levi’s ads stress the “youthfulness "of their brand jeans- Television advertisements are more innovative and target youngercrowds• In order to maintain revenues, the company releases the Levi’ssignature jeans.
  11. 11. Contd……….• Channels of distribution:Distribution Channel Share in salesChain & Departmental stores 58.0%Specialty 3.0%Independent 10.0%Others 29.0%Total 100.0%