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What have you learnt from your audience feedback


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Published in: Technology, Business
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What have you learnt from your audience feedback

  1. 1. By Chandni Shiyani
  2. 2. Target AudienceOur target audience for our video and text were both male andfemale, who have an interest in the genre of UK Hip Hop/Rap.The age range of our audience were young adults from the age ofaround 16 to around 24.Those who consume the music video and song will be specificindividuals who can personally relate to the artist and the musicthemselves. It would be those from a working class background,many will be from slightly more poorer backgrounds than others,and the ethnicity are a mixture of black, white and Asian.
  3. 3. Product FeedbackIn order to get feedback or constructive criticism on how we did on producing our musicvideo we decided to use a range of media to post the video on. We used socialnetworking sites such as Facebook and Twitter and also Youtube to send out messagesand promote the video. We also used word a mouth and smartphone messaging suchas Blackberry Messenger, to spread the word about the video in order to get an increaseon exposure for more views and comments.We created a survey using and posted this link with the video onYoutube. This was one way of getting some feedback.
  4. 4. Audience feedbackThe feedback that we had got from the survey that we created on survey monkey are as follows: How old are you? 13-16 Summary: 17-20 These are a 21-24 few of the 25+ Did the lyrics match the visuals? main key questions Yes that a few No people filled out. This Wasn’t result thinking shows that about it the video was quiteWould you recommend this video? successful in matching Yes these Maybe criterias. No
  5. 5. Audience feedbackThe viewing statistics from Youtube are: The graph on the Youtube statistics inform us around which dates the video was viewed. From this we can clearly see that social networking sites played a big role in promoting this video. This statistic shows us that we had got the most amount of views from this video being viewed on a mobile device. This suggests that our audience were viewing this through devices that are also targeted towards them. Which creates a link and more promotion. The statistics from Youtube showed that there was more of a female audience than male, between the ages of 13-24. This shows that this specific genre does target and appeal towards a much younger audience too.
  6. 6. Audience feedback We had many ratings and comments from Facebook and Twitter and also from word a mouth. The social networking sharing proved to be the biggest pointer as it helped us spread the video very quickly.What do you like most about What changes could What do you like most about the video? improve our video? the video?“The fact that it shows a lot of “Some of the edits, too “The fact that it shows a lot ofmeaning” similar” meaning”“Different edits” “The camera quality made “Different edits” some of the good shots look“Some of the shots, the big ben bad” “Some of the shots, the big benone was the one that caught my one was the one that caught myeye” “Lighting and colour” eye”“The way the riot footage flows “More variety of shots” “The way the riot footage flowswith the actual track” with the actual track” Here are some of the feedback comments that we got from word of mouth and comments left of Facebook and Twitter. By looking at these comments we can clearly see that as an overall video it was produced and edited quite well. However, there could have been some improvements, such as more variety of shots.
  7. 7. Social NetworksMySpace, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. These websites have rocketed sky high to themost visited website, and are continuously increase in popularity. The great advantage ofsocial networks to marketing is their tendency to propagate information virallyWith over 600 million users on Facebook, that could mean a lot of exposure for yourbusiness or product in just one place.Social networking sites are getting more popular every day so businesses can no longerignore the trend.By using Social networking sites to advertise and promote your product your gaining atremendous amount of exposure to target audiences, new fans, and help to entice newconsumers.
  8. 8. Theorists – Len AngWhen studying theorists for critical perspectives, which I think will come in greatuse when evaluating this audience feedback, I came across Len Ang.She details that media producers already have an imaginary entity in mid beforethe construction of a media product.She states that „audiencehood is becoming an ever moremanufactured, fragmented and diversified repertoire or practises andexperiences.‟I believe that Len Ang is trying to state that it‟s a development of own opinion. Associal economic is progressing, due to an individuals own experience, there willbe changes and growth in different types of audiences.After taking this into account I knew that I had to produce andmanufacture a product that would appeal to a much wider range ofaudience, in order to get a passive or active audience.
  9. 9. ConclusionOverall, after making the main product I believe that we targeted our audiencequite well especially through the use of social networking. We also decided notto make any changes to the video in the terms of shooting again, howeverwhen editing we tried to change the lighting and colour of some particularshots.The initial research into the genre of the music and the different types ofpeople that would most likely listen to the music help us quite well, particularlywhen it cam to shooting the video as we wanted to get shots that wouldappeal. I think that adding in the riot footage was the part that instantlyinterested the audience. This is because our target audience were the mainrange of people who were effected by this event.