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How effective is the combination of your main


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How effective is the combination of your main

  1. 1. By Chandni Shiyani
  2. 2. Ancillary TextFor our ancillary text, we were asked to produce and create a Digi-pack. Thisincluded a CD front cover, back cover and the inside booklet. We were also askedto create a piece of promotion, which was a magazine advert page.Before starting these products, I researched into real media products that were currently in themarket for my genre. From this I was able to plan what my products might look like. As I looked intoreal digi-packs and advertisement which were in the specific genre, I picked up on some ideas andsome conventions of what this genre of music covers should have such as the serif font for the nameof the artist and appearance, what they’re wearing for the photo on the cover and also bodylanguage, that I could use and improve. The research I did can be found on my blog.After the music video was produced, I wanted to create a CD digi-pack though would stand out, veryeye catching, create an interest and use a design that will be instantly recognisable to the audience. Ialso want to create something that would link the video, lyrics, photos, everything together whichwould create synergy.
  3. 3. Final CD Covers Here is my final cd front cover, back cover and inside booklet.
  4. 4. I made the lighting much lighter than Front Cover I used a customised serif font. I created it inyou would see in the video. The videoshows Smartz as a silent witness this style to give it a more urban and edgydarkened in the foreground, I wanted look and feel to it. This has been done byto switch this as now I want to show erasing into the font. This also creates a logothat he’s not the silent witness for the artist as its his name that will becomeanymore and suggest that he’s risenabove being one. recognisable. It also relates straight to the genre of the music, UK Hip Hop/Rap. Instead of creating a single, I designed this for an album collection. Used a photograph of Smartz. Although it might not be a eye contact, centre composition focus. I think that the body language and the angle and position of which he is standing in works well with the overall look and suggests that the artist is on a higher level. I decided to photograph Smartz infront of a plain brick wall. This is so it would make him stand I added the parental advisory out against the dark background. It also adds symbol/tag as the song does more of an urban feel have explicit material songs. towards the whole photo. As for marketing, this tag will draw an interest from the target audience as many of them are most likely to listen to explicit material.
  5. 5. Back Cover The photograph is similar to the front cover. ThisI added the conventional creates synergy. A link and also having a similartrack listing down the left photo doesn’t make the cover seem confusing orhand side. seem as if there’s too much going on. Added the name of the artist and the name of the album on the edges, as this is for the fold, which is another conventional issue. I added the conventional barcode and ‘Hip Hop Village’ logo. This can be seen on every Hip Hop genre CD.
  6. 6. Inside Booklet Inside the cover the left hand side, II added a photo of Smartz, have inserted a small biographywhich I grey scaled to create a On this side of the booklet, I about the artist. This is one of thedifferent but unique look . added each track with the conventional points that many HipThe faded background of the makers of each song and video Hop/Rap cd’s have, like a realcity still give an urban feel to it. behind it. media product.
  7. 7. Advertisement The advertisement at the top of the page allows to inform the audience of where its available from. I had decided to use the exact same photo that I had used for the cover, however this photo is the original and hasn’t been cropped as much. I had got this idea from my research into adverts and had taken the similar layout to ‘Wretch 32’ as they also belong to the same genre of music. The splatters of white paint give the look that they’re splatting off of him. This creates another urban look and feel which will also attract the audience. The conventional point of adding the date of when the album will be released. Informs the audience. The front cover of the actual CD can be visible. This is so that the audience know what it looks like for when they want to buy it.
  8. 8. ConclusionIn conclusion, I do believe that my main product and ancillary text havecombined well. Although they are not photos from the video shoot the bodylanguage and appearance and clothing of the artist within these photos doescreate a trend and shows a link between them all. Have a simple yet maturelook is very vital towards an audience of 16-24 year olds.Both the main product and the ancillary text does show a large amount ofconventional links and signs of a real media product. The genre and thedifferent types of people and audience it will attract can clearly be seenthrough the Digi-pack.