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  • For my 860 project, I designed a course to instruct users how to create a twitter account. The goal of this project was to show users how simple and user-friendly twitter.com is as a social media outlet.
  • In project A, the first thing we look at is exactly what Twitter is. The basis of this section is that twitter is an update of your life in 140 characters or less. We also look at twitter as social messaging, where users can communicate with one another via “mentions”, twitter as a miniature blog (it’s easy to give your friends a blog-like update of your life with out having to craft a whole new website), and twitter as a news source (news companies are using twitter to put breaking news out immediately to thousands of people)In the next section, we examine twitter.com as a whole. Twitter.com is the homepage for all things communication. In this section, we explain all the parts of twitter.com, including the timeline, an update (or tweet), followers, and trends.
  • In the next section of Project A, we looked at additional uses for twitter. Twitter is becoming more and more of a job search resource, with companies posting job openings and users being able to quickly search for the type of job they want. Twitter will then provide links to job openings (if there are any) relating to the field you are searching. We also looked at twitter as a sports update source. Users can follow many of their favorite athletes on twitter, and can also follow sports teams official feeds and receive in-game updates as well as updates of what the team is doing off the field, as well. Twitter is also used to communicate with celebrities. When you follow a celebrity on twitter, you can send them a message and they can reply back.
  • Project B is the actual lessons associated with this website. In these lessons, users will learn exactly why to use twitter, they will be able to define common twitter terms, set up their own twitter account and understand the different components of twitter.There is also a link on the home page of project B to a pre-test the user can take before they start the course to check their twitter knowledge.
  • In lesson one, users learn to define some of the most common twitter terms. This includes things like “tweet”, mention, followers, etc.In lesson two, users learn how to sign up for twitter in three easy steps.In lesson three, users learn the six main components of a twitter homepage.In lesson four, users learn the main points of their personal twitter profile page.
  • In lesson five, a tweet is broken down for users, highlighting the specific and most important parts of an update.In the final lesson, lesson six, users learn about hashtags and how you can use them to search topics on Twitter.
  • In project C, users of the website have the opportunity to take a post test, to see their progress from the pre-test. There is also a crossword puzzle that helps users in learning the twitter vocabulary. There is also a link to an instructor evaluation which allows users to provide feedback to the instructor about this course.
  • There is an additional resources section on the home page, that gives users a few extra links to enhance their twitter experience.Hopefully users will find this course easy and enjoyable and will take advantage of the user-friendly qualities of twitter! Once you use this course to set up your twitter account, you can follow me at twitter.com/marychandler or twitter.com/cu_athletics.
  • 860 presentation

    1. 1. The Idiot’s Guide to Twitter Chandler Carver HRD 860
    2. 2. The Idiot’s Guide to Twitter – Project A What is Twitter?  An update of your life in 140 characters or less.  Social messaging  Miniature blog  News source Examining Twitter.com  The homepage for all things communication
    3. 3. The Idiot’s Guide to Twitter – Project A Uses for Twitter  Job search resource  Sports updates  Communicating with celebrities
    4. 4. The Idiot’s Guide to Twitter – Project B Goals and Objectives  By the end of these lessons, users will be able to…  Understand “why Twitter?”  Define Twitter terms  Set up their own twitter account  Understand components of twitter Pre-test
    5. 5. The Idiot’s Guide to Twitter – Project B Lesson one  Twitter terms Lesson two  Signing up for Twitter Lesson three  Your Twitter homepage Lesson four  A Twitter profile
    6. 6. The Idiot’s Guide to Twitter – Project B Lesson five  A tweet Lesson six  Hashtags
    7. 7. The Idiot’s Guide to Twitter – Project C Post-test Twit-vocab crossword puzzle Instructor Evaluations
    8. 8. The Idiot’s Guide to Twitter Additional resourcesSign up for Twitter!Twitter.com/marychandlerTwitter.com/CU_Athletics